What would the future be like if you could make room for YOU in your life?

What would the future be like if you could make room for YOU in your life?

No more conditions. No more putting things off.


Are you really good at encouraging others to say YES to their dreams but rarely prioritize (or even name) your own? Do you feel stuck in a pattern and struggle to break through even if you think you "know" what you need? Do you put off your dreams and projects telling yourself that "When ___ happens, then I'll _____."


What if you could?

  • Stop waiting for the perfect conditions, and start LIVING fully?

  • Tap into the NOW with vulnerability and clarity so that you can handle whatever life throws at you.

  • Unearth and clear away the fear, the conditions, and self-imposed obstacles you put in your own way.

  • Find your inner source of power. Cultivate it. Amplify it.

  • Learn to show up, unapologetically as YOU and love whatever shows up.

  • Create space for the wild-audacious dreams you didn't even know you had?

  • Find support in a nurturing community that has your back.

Your guidance – whether it be through meditation and yoga or through coaching – is always full of love and brings the energy that I need. Your messages remind me of what is most important and what is just distracting. You are True North. Thank you.
— Holly
I really enjoyed the group coaching sessions. The questions were positive and packed a powerful complex punch in that they were not as simple as they appeared. I was surprised at how excited I was to answer them, and how easy the thoughts flowed. I was surprised by how willing I was to share and receive feedback and to learn about the journey of others. I had a great deal more in common with the group than I anticipated, and I was comforted by that.
— Lori

A Message from Elena


Sweet friend,

It is time to stop surviving. To stop project managing life. To stop getting through the day, the week, the month, and the year only to wonder where the days have gone.

I get it. Sometimes survival mode is the very best we can do. 

But I'm here to tell you there is more to this life. More than survival. 

There is living. Fully. In the now. Feeling alive in your body and in your heart.

Many of us are really fabulous at taking care of or encouraging others to take the steps, break the patterns, and live their dreams. But when it comes to ourselves? Not so much. 

Here is the thing. You don't need anything special, or even a wild-audacious dream to live fully in the now. You just need to create space to SEE and BE you. 

Maybe you are telling yourself that you have to do x,y, and z first...before you can allow yourself to let yourself to focus on what your heart wants.

But guess what? You don't have to wait. And you don't even need to change your entire life to do it.

Everything that you crave, everything that you want – is inside you already. It is just waiting for you to clear away the clutter, and start listening so that the important stuff cannot hide anymore. 

See You. Be You. was born out of a desire to guide you to see yourself – all the parts – all the stories – all the dreams – all the scars AND all the sparkle – so clearly so that you can tap into your inner fire. To your inner strength. To your inner WHY.

Here is what I know for sure: Judgment will always be there. Life happens. You deserve to be good to yourself anyway.

See YOU, BE You is an invitation to get to know your whole self. The beauty, the scars, the bumps, the bruises, and the pixie dust.

This work is about pushing beyond the boundaries of your comfort zone and getting out of your own way. About seeing. About releasing. About choosing what you will amplify. About making more room for what you want to cultivate based on your values and your WHY.

I do not offer guarantees in my life coaching work, but I do offer my intention and my energy to create and hold space for you to deepen your connection to yourself....to the now...and to the love for yourself that comes from tuning in to your WHOLE self.

I'm inviting you to join me – my hand outstretched, here to hold space for you. Will you allow yourself to take this step?

xo, Elena


Applications are now open for See You. Be You.


See You. Be You. Overview


See YOU, BE You is an invitation to get to know your whole self. The beauty, the scars, the bumps and the bruises, and the pixie dust.

  • See You. Be You. is a virtual 5-month group life coaching program based.

  • The 5 modules are: Unearth Your Foundation, Take Root, Attune to YOU, Create Space to Bloom, and Embody & Expand

  • The program integrates life coaching, meditation, yoga, and mindset practices, and the power of connection to nurture and nourish the mind, body, and soul. There will be concrete tools and practices and there will be a bit of WOO sprinkled throughout everything we do.

  • You can participate from anywhere in the world.

  • You'll receive a new email every Sunday with content, inspiration, and activities to explore ways to see YOU and BE you.

  • We'll meet every week for a 60-minute group coaching video-conference workshop to dive deeper into the journey. Each session will include a mind-body practice to help you find deeper clarity.

  • Each month there will be one virtual 2-hour mind-body "retreat" to go even deeper, to reflect, to hold ourselves accountable and celebrate big and little transformation.

  • You'll receive 3, 30-minute 1:1 life coaching sessions (to be conducted virtually) during the program AND 1, follow-up 60-minute 1:1 session to support you as you uncover and connect to new layers to your whole self.

  • You'll also receive daily inspiration and support through a private Facebook group.

  • The group video conference sessions will take place on Fridays at 12:00 pm ET for 60-minutes, and the monthly 2-hour "retreat" will be every 4th Friday. All sessions will be recorded and available for anyone who cannot be their live.


What do you get from See You. Be You?

When we're done you'll:

  • See and get to know your WHOLE self for the first time in a long time.

  • Be clear on what matters to you and have a path to embody your WHY.

  • Break free of old patterns and conditions that are keeping you stuck in survival mode.

  • Be your own lighthouse, guided by clarity, vulnerability, and your core values so that you can handle whatever life throws at you.

  • Fill up your own inner gas tank each day, guided by your heart instead of your thoughts.

  • Show up for yourself and others with more intention and less expectation.

  • Be open to receive and amplify what wants to bloom within you, clearing away thoughts and fears that keep you small.


This sounds fabulous. Talk to me about cost.

I'm glad you asked. See You. Be You. is an investment in you.

And let me be clear, it isn't for everyone.  

Which is why I ask you to submit an application first before registering. 

Early bird pricing (until January 4th, 2019) is $500 for the entire 5-month program.

After January 4th, 2019 - you have two options: 5-monthly payments of $130 or one full payment of $650.  

This is for you if...

  • You are ready to see your WHOLE self and love yourself anyway.

  • You are ready to let what you want, be POSSIBLE, right NOW.

  • You are ready to stop putting off your life you want to live for the “right” moment.

  • You want to create space for the parts of you that have been hiding.

  • You are finally ready to make the changes you CRAVE in your life.

  • You crave connection with yourself and others but don't always allow yourself to show up with vulnerability.

  • You are READY and willing to be guided by your heart rather than your thoughts.

  • You are READY to release the "yes, but..." excuses and do the work to find clarity about your purpose.


Frequently Asked Questions about See You. BE You.

  • What if I cannot make one (or any) of the group coaching sessions?

The group sessions will be recorded and available to all participants within a few hours of the session.
The program is designed for group interaction – and my hunch is that the more you can be present in the group, the more you’ll open up to within yourself. But I also know that if this feels like a “HELL YES, but I can’t be live for the group sessions” – you can still access everything you need on your own time. And, the Facebook group will be a fabulous way to connect with others.

  • What is the refund policy?

    There isn’t one. I am a big believer in committing – and making a promise to yourself to show up and participate. Now, having said that – emergencies and life-threatening situations will be handled on a case by case basis.

What if I don't like to see myself on video?

I get it. But here is the deal: light sparks light. And I’m a big believer in creating community through shared experiences. So yes, you will be with a group of possible strangers. And yes, hopefully you will share and participate during the group sessions. The recording will be there to watch so that you can remind yourself of things that were discussed or if you missed a session. Recordings are not to be shared with anyone outside the group for privacy reasons. And…if that still feels like too much of a barrier to your saying HELL YES…you can always do what you need and turn your video off. In other words, no video, no problem.

  • What is the size of the group?

The maximum number of participants will be 15.

What to Expect


Every Sunday you'll receive your invitation for the week ahead. There will be inspiration, stories that you can relate to, and tools or activities for you to explore independently. Then, on Fridays, we'll gather as a community for a video-conference call for a 60-minute session that will combine coaching, breathwork or meditation, interactive discussion, and journaling.

Every 4th Friday we'll gather for a 2-hour virtual retreat to integrate, celebrate, and prepare to move forward that will include coaching, breathwork/meditation/yoga, interactive discussion, and journaling.

I'll offer daily inspiration, prompts and nudges in our private Facebook group and be available by emails and for 1:1 sessions to support your journey.

Guarantees are like goals and outcomes, so I'll invite you to drop any expectation of what the experience will be like. Consider this an opportunity to be open to receive and celebrate the unexpected. I can promise you that I will show up for you. I will create and hold space for you and your intentions. I'll hold your hand when you need it and nudge you when it is appropriate.


Why a Group Program?


First and foremost, the power of a group amplifies the depths of our learning and reflection. There is tremendous power in realizing you are not alone, even if you are facing different circumstances than someone else – and knowing that you've got support when you need it.

Group work cultivates the focus of See You. Be You. to help you see yourself with more clarity and allow yourself to be seen by others. Not only will the power of community help you to feel anchored and grounded, but it offers you new perspectives and hearts to lean on when things feel scary or challenging.

And...I don't know about you, but there is something special that happens when a group of like-minded women comes together that raises the energy and empowers us to stand with more commitment to our intentions.

You may not make a new best friend, but I've got a hunch that you'll meet exactly who you need to meet to help you find new clarity and more resolve to show up for yourself not just when it is easy, but also when it is hard.

I am very grateful to you Elena for this work. I truly did things I never even knew were possible and took the time to think about my life, instead of just getting through each day of my life. This is something a lot of people probably never do. I loved every session and looked forward to the follow-up homework assignments and extra activities each week.
— Holly
Elena is a gifted facilitator who incorporated yoga, mindfulness techniques and coaching into this beautifully-conceived program. I was able to go inward to discover my guiding principles, get clear on the qualities I want each day to have, and work more on setting meaningful intentions.
— Kimberly
Elena is an amazing coach and you can feel her passion in every lesson. Through the work, I got the opportunity to know myself better and to see where I am sabotaging myself. But I also learned to embrace my vulnerabilities and use them to turn toward courage and confidence.
— Conny


Applications are now open for See You. Be You.