Ep 35: You CAN Get Motivated

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How many times have you told yourself, “I am not motivated.” Or, “I can’t seem to get anything accomplished.” What if you didn’t have to measure your motivation by your productivity or accomplishment? What if you could decide that CAN get motivated, and find a wellspring of energy along the way? In this week’s episode, I am sharing the secret to finding your motivation within yourself and cultivating a mindset that believes that you CAN get motivated.

Highlights for You CAN Get Motivated

  • We choose to be unmotivated? (2:00)

  • What if the motivation isn’t about the outcome or accomplishment? (4:00)

  • Ask yourself these two questions to take productivity out of the motivation equation (5:15)

  • Commit to the way you want to feel (6:30)

  • What happens when we are simply not in the mood? (7:45)

  • Use this practice when you are feeling unmotivated (10:00)


Explore the idea of being versus doing with Sunrise in Your Pocket episode 29, Be More, Do Less.

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