Ep 43: Write Your Own Permission Slip

Ep 43 sunrise in your pocket podcast Write your own permission slip

Permission slips are not just for grade school. In this week’s episode, I am inviting you to write your own permission slip as a way to give yourself what you crave and need. Too often we wait for others or circumstances to give us the green light. This episode is for anyone who needs a nudge to be unapologetic about what you crave and need to nurture and nourish your truest self.

Highlights for Write Your Own Permission Slip

  • We are so good at waiting for others to give us the green  light (3:30)

  • Write your own permission slip for these three practices (5:00)

  • The reason that giving yourself permission feels hard is rooted in a not enough story (10:00)

Try this at Home

Where can you write yourself a permission slip? Use this template to write your own permission slip!

If you aren’t sure, try giving yourself permission to feel, to play, or to be your own best friend.

I’d love to hear what your permission slip says! 

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