Ep 20: Write a Love Letter to Yourself

Ep 20 Write yourself a love letter | Sunrise in Your Pocket

When was the last time you wrote yourself a letter? Perhaps you’ve never done this, or maybe it has been a few years. In this week’s episode, I am inviting you to write not just a letter, but a love letter to yourself. This practice of writing a love letter to yourself functions as a gift to our future self. In these letters, we can offer a message of inspiration, compassion, and reflections on what truly matters to be received when you need the reminder.

Highlights for Write a Love Letter to Yourself

  • Why would you write a love letter to yourself? (2:30)

  • Give your future self a divinely-timed gift of inspiration and encouragement (4:30)

  • What does your future self need to know or remember? (6:00)

  • Life happens. Judgment happens. Love yourself anyway (7:15)

  • You’ll know when you need to read your own love letter (9:00)

  • Use this practice to be your own guide and friend (10:15)

Try this at home:

Write your future self a love letter. Consider what does your future self need to know or remember? What truly matters that perhaps you might forget?


Not sure how to get started? Read an older love letter to myself HERE.

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