Ep 26: Why You Need a Retreat

EP 26 sunrise in your pocket why you need a retreat

Have you always wished you could go on a retreat? Or maybe you’ve always wondered what the big deal was and why people love taking retreats? Yes, retreats and getaways can be lovely and even decadent. They can foster zen and take you to exotic locales. But in this week’s episode, I am sharing why you need a retreat, not as a luxury, but as a practice to connect to what truly matters and create long-term transformation.

Highlights for Why You Need a Retreat

  • Do NOT go on a retreat if you are looking to escape your life (3:30)

  • A retreat can help you create ripples of transformation in your life (5:30)

  • Retreats allow you to focus on what is most important without all the distractions of life (7:00)

  • We all need a reset now and then (9:00)

  • Reduce the choices, reduce the cortisol (12:00)

  • The number one reason to go on a retreat is all about connection. (13:00)

  • Can’t get away? Create your own retreat without traveling to a faraway land (17:00)

  • Turn your excuses and hesitations into insights and new possibilities (19:00)

Some of my favorite retreats:

Mountain Trek, Health and Wellness Retreat, British Columbia

Rancho La Puerta, Tecate Mexico

Sansara surf and yoga resort, Cambutal Panama

SwellWomen Retreats (locations all over the world)

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