Ep 24: Where Can You Absorb More

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Be open to receive. We hear this all the time. I’ve even used it as a (frequent) intention and affirmation. But what if there is a difference between what and how we receive and what and how we absorb? Because it is one thing to receive a feeling, and it is another thing to soak it up. In this week’s episode, Elena invites us to consider the question of how and where can you absorb more.

Highlights for Where Can You Absorb More

  • What is the difference between receiving and absorbing? (2:30)

  • Be like a sponge. (5:00)

  • Consider the link between digestion and absorption. (7:00)

  • What do you want to absorb? (9:00)

  • Consider these three ways to absorb more  (11:00)

  • Let yourself feel the entirety of your experience. (13:00)

  • Replenish the reservoir that nourishes your inner strength and wisdom (15:30)

Try this at home

Ask yourself these questions to play with learning to absorb: What is here for me? Where can I linger? What can I absorb in this moment?

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