Ep 34: When Your Story Gets the Best of You

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Our thoughts create our reality. The question is, what thoughts do you tell yourself? Even the most practiced “thought catcher” has moments of being human, when a story or thought triggers us. Before we know it, we caught up in what can feel like a spiral or cyclone. In this week’s episode, I am exploring those moments – when your thoughts get the best of you and what you can do to reclaim your power and your reality.

Highlights for When Your Story Gets the Best of You

  • We are natural born storytellers (1:30)

  • The brain does not know the difference between a real thought based on a real moment or a thought based on a perception (2:30)

  • Our stories start in our mind but move into our body as energy (6:00)

  • Ask yourself these two questions to create space and explore what is really happening (7:30)

  • You get to choose what energy and choices to prioritize, every single day (11:00)

  • Try this practice to notice how a story is getting the best of you (12:30)

Try this at home

Try this practice when you think a story might be getting the best of you:

  1. Notice and allow yourself to feel the way you feel. Check in with the body and notice the sensations that are present.

  2. Give yourself compassion and grace for feeling whatever you feel.

  3. Ask yourself “Why am I feeling this way?” “What is this really about?”

  4. Consider where  you have a choice and the question of how and where you can assert your own sovereignty in the moment?

  5. And lastly, explore what is the story that you WANT to lead with?


Schedule a 30-minute clarity call with ME if you need help identifying your stories or triggers. You’ll get off the call empowered, aware, and in tune with the NEW story that you want to tell…and most importantly, LIVE.

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