Ep 44: When You Have a Crazy Idea

Ep 44 sunrise in your pocket podcast when you have a crazy idea

Crazy ideas are everywhere. We have them all the time. The question is: what do you do when you have one? In this week’s episode, Elena is sharing what to do when you have a crazy idea as a practice for replacing judgment with curiosity and thriving in your own life. This episode is for you if you regularly dismiss the whispers or outrageous dreams that seem to bubble up out of nowhere.

Highlights for When You Have a Crazy Idea

  • We are so good at dismissing our crazy, big ideas.  (2:30)

  • What if could stop judging, and start honoring your big, bold, crazy ideas (3:30)

  • Consider this 4-part anatomy of a crazy idea (14:00)

  • Give yourself permission to have audacious, unthinkable ideas as way to thrive in your life (16:00)

Try this at home

What is the last crazy idea you had? What would it be like to believe that you DESERVE to have audacious, unthinkable,  and yes perhaps even crazy ideas?

What would it take to give yourself permission to allow crazy ideas to appear and exist?

How might you be curious rather than judgmental with yourself?

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