Ep 41: When You Aren't Sure

Ep 41 sunrise in your pocket podcast when you aren't sure

Have you ever felt stuck? Or maybe you have had a moment where you weren't sure of which direction to take or how to proceed? For many of us, doubt has a way of multiplying itself exponentially and creates stuckness. In this week’s episode, I am sharing an experience with equine facilitated learning and how it offered insight into navigating doubt. Tune in for an idea for how to navigate the moments when you aren’t sure with less judgment and more curiosity.

Highlights for When You Aren’t Sure

There is no failure.  There is only feedback.— Koelle Simpson

  • Indecision is a story we tell ourselves (2:55)

  • There is no one way to start something (8:00)

  • It isn’t the direction that matters, moving out of stuckness is about taking a bold step (9:40)

  • Doubt breeds doubt. (10:40)

Try this at Home

Where are you stuck or not sure in your life? Identify one place in your life where you aren’t sure which direction to go or which decision to make. 

What would it be like to take a step and know that cannot make a wrong decision?

Bonus invitation:  Take the step with curiosity instead of judgment. 

Come back and let me know what showed up for you, which step you took, and how this practice felt.  You can share your experience here as a comment, in the Live Your Sunrise Facebook group – or you can email me at findflight at gmail.com


Learn more about Project Horse Empowerment Center in Purcellville, Virginia

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