Ep 1: What Is a Sunrise in Your Pocket?


What is a sunrise in your pocket, and why should you care?

Those are the BIG questions that I am diving into today, describing why sunrise – instead of sunset – is so powerful. If there is one thing I believe for sure about life, it is that we have everything we need and crave already within us. While the help of a guide, a life coach, a teacher, or a great book can help put us on a path and help us get out of our own way, the true teacher already exists inside – if only we’d create the space to connect and listen.


Highlights for What Is a Sunrise in Your Pocket?

  • What is a sunrise in your pocket? (2:00)

  • Darkness is the potential for light (2:45)

  • Sunrise can be beautiful and bold, but it can also be subtle or hidden by clouds or fog. Yet it is always there as a reminder of something we can believe in, even if we can’t see it (4:00)

  • Your inner strength and wisdom are with you every step of the way if you are willing to cultivate a relationship and a connection (4:40)

  • Our bodies have the power to heal from within (6:00)

  • Your best teachers aren’t the self-help teachers and life coaches out there. Become your own go-to source of clarity and wisdom rather than relying on others (9:30)

  • There are no neon lights, but there is wisdom wanting to emerge (11:00)

  • The reason we often don’t have faith in our inner wisdom is because we want answers quickly and we want to be certain (13:15)

Invitations for the Week

  • Notice where and how your inner strength and wisdom have shown up in your life and in the now, the moments where your heart of hearts has felt clarity.

  • How would it feel to believe, without a shadow of a doubt, that you have an inner guidance system with you, every step you take?

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