Ep 12: The Truth About Self-Care


Ah, self-care. We hear all about why we NEED self-care, all the time. But for many people, time feels scarce, and the idea of finding time to care for yourSELF is low on the priority list – I get it. Which is why this week, I’m sharing my thoughts on the truth about self-care. Here is a hint: it is THAT important. You might be nodding your head but still wondering, “I get it … but how?” The trick, for me, is to see this practice less as a luxury and more as a part of our daily maintenance.

Highlights for The Truth About Self-Care

  • Why do we have such a hard time with giving ourselves self-care? (4:00)

  • Be like an Olympian (6:45)

  • When getting in our own way with limiting beliefs keeps us from self-care (9:40)

  • Self-care doesn’t come with directions and requirements for duration or time (10:28)

  • When we tune in to what we crave, we connect to our inner wisdom (11:45)

  • Self-care is an act of generosity (14:40)

  • Your practice doesn’t have to be complicated (15:45)

Your Invitations for This Week

  • Where can you reframe what self-care looks like to give yourself a dose of it today?

  • Be generous with yourself. Find micro-moments to tune in to what would feel delicious (and then give that to yourself).

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