Ep 33: Stop Waiting

Ep 33 sunrise in your pocket podcast stop waiting

Many of us are skilled waiters. We wait for the perfect conditions. For all the details to be fully fleshed out. Maybe you’ve experienced this? You wait until we have a dotted line to sign before giving yourself permission to celebrate something. In this week’s episode, I am sharing why that way of life, of holding yourself hostage to certainty, keeps us in a waiting pattern and why it is time to stop waiting and start living. Start celebrating.

Highlights for Stop Waiting

  • Many of us hold our lives hostage for all the details to be sorted for fear of the what ifs. (4:00)

  • We seek certainty in life before we allow ourselves to trust (5:00)

  • When we let fear dictate, we create stories that put our life on hold  (7:00)

  • Ask yourself this question to notice where you could celebrate more, in the now (8:00)

  • Will you grieve or celebrate until the day you can’t? (10:00)

  • You deserve to live your fullest life. (12:15)

Try this at home

Take some time today or this week to explore where you could stop waiting. Ask yourself these questions to explore the areas of your life where you could start living in the now, and celebrating – even before all the details are worked out.

  • Where are you waiting to sign on the dotted line?

  • Where are you waiting for someone else’s version of certainty to let yourself fully trust, love, or celebrate?

  • What would it take to allow yourself to feel uncertainty and celebrate, at the same time?


Schedule a 30-minute clarity call with ME if you need a nudge to stop waiting for the dotted line and all the details to live your life. We’ll explore what is keeping you stuck in fear and uncertainty so that you can live fully, present and alive, in the now.

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