Ep 13: Savor This

Sunrise in Your Pocket Savor This

The hustle and bustle of the holidays and the end of 2018 are here. Many of you might be starting to think about (or have already thought about) 2019 and what is next. But before you do, what if you could savor THIS. “This” being what is here for you … at this moment … in this year. In this week’s episode, I am diving into what it means to savor – why it is important and how to do it. 

“Sometimes the most important thing in a whole day is the rest we take between two deep breaths.” ~Etty Hillesum

Highlights for Savor This

  • Savor this moment and this year before jumping into what you want to create in 2019 (2:20)

  • One definition or perspective of what it means to “savor” (3:30)

  • Notice the space between your breaths, let the pause between your inhale and exhale linger (3:40)

  • Allow micro-moments to linger (4:00)

  • As a way to savor, attune to the sensations that live inside your body (4:40)

  • What to do when a moment doesn’t feel “savor-worthy” (5:10)

  • Savor not just the obvious moments, but also the unexpected ones (6:35)

  • Check things off your to-do list with a quick savoring practice (8:20)

  • Experiment with these savoring practices to let big and little moments linger (10:05)

Your Invitations for This Week

  • Let moments linger in your day when you are with your loved ones, friends, or in nature.

  • What can you give yourself permission to savor? 

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