Ep 27: Real Talk about Time

EP 27 sunrise in your pocket real talk about time

There isn’t enough time. We hear it, literally, all the time. And it makes sense when we spend our days doing, doing, doing. What if there is another way? What if we could replace our scarcity mindset around time to believe that how we use our time is a choice? In this week’s episode, I am inviting you to consider what it would take to make time our ally. To consider that how we spend our time can be a “I get to” instead of an “I have to.”

Time management is about how you feel inside. It is a state of awareness that has made time your ally on your personal path to fulfillment. —Deepak Chopra

Highlights for Real Talk about Time

  • What are your time challenges (2:30)

  • Why the productivity mindset gets us in trouble (4:00)

  • What would it take to recapture your child-like ability to lose track of time? (6:00)

  • How we use and think about our time is a choice. (7:30)

  • Shift your priority to shift your mindset (9:30)

  • What will you choose to savor? (11:00)

  • Start to redefine your relationship with time with this question (12:30)

  • Make the switch from “I have to” to “I choose to.” (14:30)

  • Get clear on this question to make time your ally. (17:00)

Try this at home:

Consider a chunk of time in your day, perhaps when you have even a small amount of wiggle room in your schedule.

Ask yourself how you want to feel at the end of that chunk of time.

Let your actions and what you choose to DO with that time emerge from the feeling, rather than the shoulds or expectations of what would be productive.

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