Ep 36: React LESS

Ep 36 sunrise in your pocket podcast react less

Reacting is a human response. We take in information and we respond. Our emotions respond. Our thoughts respond. Our words and actions respond. And sometimes responding is appropriate. But other times, and perhaps most of the time, our responses come from a place of reactivity rather than true awareness. In this week’s episode, I am exploring the practice of equanimity, or to react less, as a way to pause first and then respond from a place of inner calm.

Highlights for React Less

  • What is equanimity (4:30)

  • We all have triggers that spark reactivity (6:00)

  • There is a way to feel without getting lost in the story  (8:00)

  • Try this practice noticing where you might be stuck in reactivity (9:00)

Try this at Home

Without judgment, spend some time this week noticing your reactivity triggers. What is it that pushes those buttons?

Once you have pressed pause on the reacting, and can connect to what you are feeling ask yourself these questions to explore what feels important about the moment:

  • What is this really about?

  • Why does this feel _____ (insert the feeling you notice)?

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