Ep 45: Own Your Power

Ep 45 sunrise in your pocket podcast own your power

Owning your power is a theme that is often tossed around in the self-improvement space. But what does it mean? And what does it look like?  In this week’s episode, I offer the reminder that each day is an opportunity to own your power by valuing, nurturing, and magnifying the truest parts of you. This episode is for anyone who has fallen prey to feelings of not-enoughness or acting out of fear of what other people might say or think. 

Highlights for Own Your Power:

  • Step into and unapologetically embody your truest self to  own your power (2:00)

  • We all experience daily reminders to notice where you are diminishing your own value or owning your power (3:00)

  • Your body will tell you when you are out of alignment (5:00)

  • Judgment, perception, and future thinking are often good flags for noticing where you are abdicating your power (9:15)

  • Notice your own red flags to step more boldly into your inner power (11:45)

Try this at home:

Ask  yourself these questions to reflect on where  you could step even more boldly into your truest self: 

Where do you own your power? 

Where do you diminish your power? 

Where do you give away your power?

Are there parts of your life where your power feels stronger?  What tendencies or habits do you tap into during those moments? Could you apply those behaviors to other parts of your life?

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