Ep 46: Move from Urgent to Important

Ep 46 sunrise in your pocket podcast move from urgent to important

What do you prioritize in your daily life? In this week’s episode, I invite you to move from prioritizing what is urgent with what is important. Many of us move through our day putting out all the fires of daily life.  But what if we could create space to say YES to what feels important to our heart, to our core values, to our truest self? This episode is for anyone who frequently pushes off what feels important for tomorrow and beyond. 

Highlights for Move from Urgent to Important:

  • The reality is that tomorrow or “later” rarely comes. (2:00)

  • How do you distinguish between urgent or important? (4:30)

  • Try this two part process to create space for what is important. (9:00)

Try this at home:

Give yourself permission to notice when something tickles your heart or moves you. Observe what that feels like in your body and the thoughts that you tell yourself. 

Once you’ve allowed that to exist, consider the why. Why does it feel important? What is it about this thing that resonates? From there, you have the opportunity to commit – to yourself and to this feeling. 

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