Ep 9: Mindset Matters


Every day, we make choices. With our actions, with our words, and in the way we approach experiences and interactions. Perhaps one of the most important ways to live fully in the now is to consider the idea that our mindset matters. This week, I am exploring how our mindset is a key in creating the life we want to live.

“The universe buries strange jewels deep within all of us, and then stands back to see if we can find them.” ~Elizabeth Gilbert

Highlights for Mindset Matters

  • What is a mindset? And why is it a key self-help tool for sustainable transformation? (2:35)

  • The difference between mindsets and why it matters (3:00)

  • Are you more likely to notice what is wrong with judgment, or can you give yourself permission to look for opportunities for potential? (6:30)

  • Cultivating a mindset to create ripples of potential (9:00)

  • Consider these four keys to explore a mindset of possibility (10:55)

Your Invitations for this Week

  • Pay attention to the mindset that you bring with you through your day. What do you notice? Where can you release judgment and notice potential?

  • Practice cultivating a mindset of possibility – what wants to be revealed?


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