Ep 40: Lost and Found

Ep 40 sunrise in your pocket podcast lost and found

Life happens. Things get lost. Big things, little things. And while our brain knows that things are just material objects, in many cases, our things represent moments and memories that mean something. In this week’s episode, I am sharing the story of what happened when I lost two important things, and what was found in their wake. This episode is perfect for anyone who needs a reminder that even the most unexpected moments can be beautiful in their own way.

Highlights for Lost and Found

This episode reveals a story about the loss of two items and the finding of an unexpected moment that will never be forgotten. You should listen. I promise you won’t be sorry.

A very special thanks to Elya who will forever be in my heart.

Try this at Home

Consider these questions as journal prompts:

Where you can open up to unexpected moments?

What would it be like to open up to moments where you feel like you’ve lost something and yet maybe there is an opportunity to find something even more beautiful?

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