Ep 19: Now What? How to Embody An Intention

How to Embody Your Intention | Sunrise in Your Pocket

You’ve chosen a word for the year. You’ve created a vision board. You’ve set your goals and intentions. Maybe you’ve done one or all of these things. But as the year rolls on, you are wondering – why aren’t you getting traction on your goals. Perhaps you are wondering, ok, now what? In this week’s Sunrise in Your Pocket episode, I am sharing my process of how to embody your intention. Because setting your desire into motion is only the first step, next comes fueling your intention with daily sustenance and nurturing. The beauty of this process is that it works whether it is the beginning of the year, or for any new project or goal that you want to give life to.

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You are what you believe yourself to be. —Paolo Coehlo

Highlights for Now What: How to Embody an Intention

  • Your intention needs sustenance and daily nurturing (3:00)

  • Try this process to get up close and personal with your intention (4:00)

  • Answer these questions to give life to your intention (5:00)

  • Try this to keep from letting your intention become one of those things that you walk by every day without noticing (7:00)

  • Visualization is a powerful daily practice to bring an intention to life (9:00)

  • Let your intention live. Let it come to life without being attached to what it looks like (10:00)

Try this at home

  • Get to know your intention and practice interacting with it each day.

  • Consider the WHY behind your intention and the feeling that arises when you cultivate it. Where does that feeling already exist in your life, today?

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