Ep 31: You Have an Inner Guide

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Do you believe that you have an inner guide? A source of inner knowing? Many of us have had moments of visceral knowing, or a gut feeling. In many circumstances we don’t trust those voices. Or, we are moving so quickly through our lives, that we never stop to consider that we have a wellspring of guidance and knowing within us. In this week’s episode I am exploring the idea of knowing with certainty, like you know that the sun rises each day, that you have an inner guide.  

Highlights for You Have an Inner Guide

  • We trust that the sun rises every day, even when we don’t see it (1:45)

  • Each of us has an inner guide with our best intentions at heart (3:00)

  • Trust your inner thought leader (5:00)

  • Tapping into inner guidance creates deep and transformational empowerment (5:00)

  • Treat your connection to your inner guide like a relationship (7:00)

  • Stop looking for answers outside yourself (9:45)

  • Ask yourself these 3 questions to connect to your inner guide each day (10:45)

Try this at home:

Experiment with what it would look like and feel like to know with certainty that you have an inner guide. Who might you be if you believed that? What might you do? How might you act? What might emerge if you believed with certainty that there is deep knowing inside you?


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Schedule a 30-minute clarity call with ME if you need a nudge to trust your inner guide. We’ll explore what is keeping you from believing and tapping into your inner wellspring of knowledge and clarity.

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