Ep 6: Give Yourself What You Crave


We want things. As humans, we want to feel … feel loved, feel connected, feel seen or valued by others. Today, I am exploring how to give yourself more of what you crave – in your heart and in your life.

Because one of the things I know for sure is that we don’t need others to show us love, strength, connection, or even value. We need first to learn to receive it and feel it from within before we can expect to receive it from anyone else. For a lot of us, we seek the validation of others to supply us with those feelings.

But what if we could learn to be our own source for those feelings first? What if we could learn to find what we crave where it already exists – within ourselves and in our lives – rather than focusing on where it doesn’t?

“What you appreciate, appreciates.” ~Lynne Twist

Highlights for Give Yourself What You Crave

  • Tune in to what you crave through feelings rather than things (2:20)

  • Consider where the feelings you crave are outsourced to others through external validation (3:05)

  • It is easy to blame others for what we perceive is lacking in our lives (3:40)

  • Imagine the difference between what it would be like to give yourself the feeling that you seek rather than relying on anyone else (or everyone else) to supply that feeling for you (4:30)

  • Giving yourself what you crave allows you to learn what it feels like to receive that feeling and emotion, so you can receive it from others (5:40)

  • Use these 3 questions to practice attuning to and giving yourself what you crave (10:20)

  • You are the wellspring of what you crave (14:35)

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Your Invitations for the Week

  • Start the day by asking yourself how you want to feel when you go to sleep at night.

  • Stop and pause when you see yourself in the mirror. Ask yourself “How are you?” and then give yourself whatever you might need.

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