Ep 4: Get Out of Your Own Way


What would happen if you could learn to notice – and to see – the self-imposed obstacles you put in your path? Today, I am sharing how we can learn to get out of our own way by spotting the hurdles we create for ourselves. Let’s be real: life happens, and obstacles that are not in our control happen. But the self-imposed obstacles that take up our energy are like clutter – they keep the important stuff from being noticed or being seen.

More importantly, we need to know what our stories and self-imposed obstacles look like, so we can spot them when they appear. Once we learn to recognize them, we can more easily notice them and see them for what they are, and then choose our next steps from a place of awareness and discernment.


Highlights for Get Out of Your Own Way

  • The difference between external and internal (self-imposed) obstacles (1:35)

  • How getting in your own way creates clutter and “energetic sinkholes” (3:10)

  • “When we are able to know the self, all else is known.” ~Bhagavad Gita (4:05)

  • Be a butterfly catcher: Create your own net to catch yourself in awareness (5:40)

  • What are some of the ways you get in your own way? (7:00)

  • Consider who you are and who you become when you get in your own way (13:30)

  • Use these 3 questions to start naming the hurdles you put in your path (14:50)

Invitations for the Week

  • Spend a day or two noticing the obstacles you put in your path.

  • Observe their triggers and how these self-imposed obstacles make you feel.

  • As you name them, write them down or just note them in your mind.

And maybe even ask yourself one of my favorite questions: What am I waiting for? ...and why?


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