Ep 21: Expand Your Capacity

Ep 21 Expand Your Capacity | Sunrise in Your Pocket

Have you ever noticed that you tend to limit yourself when it comes to how much joy, love, or success you allow yourself to receive or experience? In this week’s episode, I am reflecting on the idea of expanding your capacity – to consider how good you are willing to let yourself feel. This mindset practice reminds us that each day is a choice to allow what we crave or want to amplify in our lives to be always better.

Highlights for Expand Your Capacity:

  • Consider the question “how good are you willing to let yourself feel?” (3:30)

  • Where do you upper limit your joy, success, or whatever intention you are cultivating? (5:00)

  • What it means to practice Siempre Mejor (6:00)

  • Create possibility with your awareness (8:00)

  • Do you plan for your slip-ups? (10:00)

  • Consider this question to practice telling a new story (13:00)

Try this at home

Experiment with how and where you can expand your capacity in different parts of your life? Start by thinking about what you are trying to create more of or amplify in your life. Consider, how good are you willing to let things be?


  • Read the Big Leap by Gay Hendricks for an exploration of what it means to upper limit your capacity.

  • I’ve been enjoying the Rich Coach Club podcast by Master Coach Susan Hyatt. And though her show is directed towards coaches and entrepreneurs, I particularly loved this episode about how to expand your capacity with Lisa Fabrega.

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