Ep 32: Do You Upper Limit Yourself?

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Have you ever had something fabulous happen in your life – leaving you elated and full of joy one minute and then diving headfirst into frustration – without even knowing why? This week, I am exploring the idea of how we keep ourselves from soaring even higher. You’ll learn how where you upper limit yourself, what that means, and what you can do about it to blast through the glass ceiling of your imagination to create more joy, more success, and more of whatever you crave in your life.

Highlights for Do You Upper Limit Yourself

  • How much delight or success can you let yourself feel? (3:05)

  • What does it mean to upper limit yourself (6:00)

  • Ok, so you are upper limiting yourself. Now, what? (8:00)

  • Ask yourself these two questions (9:15)

  • What would it be like to remove the glass ceiling? (11:15)

Try this at home

Practice catching the thoughts and stories that take up space and energy in your life. Consider this question to see where you might be upper limiting yourself: Where could I allow myself to feel more ____ (fill in the blank with love/joy/abundance/success or whatever you want to amplify in your life).


The Big Leap, by Gay Hendricks

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