Ep 16: Do More Than Say Yes

Do More Than Say Yes | Episode 16 Sunrise in Your Pocket

Saying yes to YOU and removing the need for external validation is one of the most important things you can do for yourself. So is the idea of being specific and naming your desires. But in this week’s episode, I am adding in a layer to dig deeper to make this the year that you give your dreams a place to exist so that you can name, claim, and OWN your deepest longings and goals.

Highlights for Do More Than Say YES

  • Create room to say YES to you to remove the need for external validation (2:45)

  • The moments we say yes with our words but our heart hasn’t fully joined you (3:56)

  • Registering your desire takes persistence and perseverance (6:00)

  • Find your This is US moment (6:56)

  • Let your desire be big and bold enough to be found and seen by others (and yourself!) (8:00)

  • It is ok for your dreams and goals to be ginormous (10:00)

  • Where do you play safe? (14:00)

  • Claim, register, and own your desires and goals (15:30)

  • Be willing to let what you want come from the depths of your core and to give it your ALL (16:20)

  • What do you need to OWN your desire and let it run through your veins? What does it look like and feel like? (18:00)

  • Commit to your desires like you’d put a steel beam in concrete (20:00)

Invitations for the week:

  • Consider these questions to examine your why. Why is it truly important? What does this create in your life? Who does it serve and how?

  • What desire are you so committed to that you’d claim it as a steel beam in concrete?

  • Act as if your desire is a done deal. Attune to what it feels like and look for where and how this already exists in your life.

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