Ep 38: Do More of What Makes You Awesome

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Our lives are made up of stories. And those stories are made up of chapters. Each new season in our life is an opportunity to write a new chapter. To align ourselves more fully with our truest selves. In this week’s episode, I am sharing a practice to consider what it would look like to do more of what makes you awesome, so that you can write a new chapter in your life inspired by your inner knowing. This practice is great anytime you need a reminder or reset to focus on what matters or a nudge to get unstuck.

Highlights for Do More of What Makes You Awesome

  • How is it already June?

  • We really do get to choose our everyday actions and mindset (2:45)

  • We all spin at some point or another (4:15)

  • Try this practice to reset your heart, mind, and soul and connect back to the truest parts of you (6:00)

  • Allow this practice to be playful rather than governed by your thinking brain (10:00)

  • Write the chapter titles and then be the character (11:15)

Try this at Home

Try this practice to consider what it would look like to do more of what makes you awesome. Consider the book that is your life and that each chapter is a representation of part of your life. What would those chapters be called? And what would it look and feel like to be that person, that embodies their awesomeness – in this moment?

Did this feel challenging?

That is ok. You are not alone.

I’d love to support you to come up with your chapter titles. Schedule a 30-minute clarity call with ME to crete space around what you might name your chapters and reconnect to your inner awesomeness.

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