Ep 17: Take it from Jupiter



We often hear about not having an attachment to outcomes. That life is about the journey, not the destination. But let’s be real. Holding big, bold desires and dreams lightly enough that the outcome itself doesn’t make or break you – is hard. In this week’s episode, I am sharing what my labradoodle puppy (Jupiter) taught me about living with determination without expectation and how to integrate this practice into your own life.


  • What is determination without expectation (3:30)

  • Pay attention to the slippery slope between an affirmation and an expectation (4:30)

  • What can you commit to without getting grippy (6:20)

  • Try these 3 steps to practice determination without expectation (9:40)

  • Create your own ripple (12:00)

  • Yes, change happens over time. Allow yourself to notice the journey along the way. (13:27)

Invitations to practice determination without expectation at home:

  • Consider where you could show up with more, and less expectation in your life?

  • Consider, what is it that you are truly committed to, and what is one small ripple creating action that you can take TODAY to set that intention into motion?

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