Ep 8: Cultivate Attunement


We are human. We want things. We strive for outcomes. But what if the desire for attainment wasn’t what we really need? What if we could cultivate attunement instead of attainment? In this week’s episode, I am exploring the idea of cultivating attunement. Rather than striving for outcomes and perhaps being perpetually unsatisfied, consider this a nudge for attuning to what resonates deeply within you. Like an orchestra or chorus attunes one sound to another, we can use the practice of attunement to connect to how we want to feel and practice being in the moment.

Highlights for Cultivate Attunement

  • What is attunement? (2:50)

  • Distinguish between the practice of alignment and attunement (5:15)

  • What would it feel like to release striving and attainment and practice attunement instead? (6:55)

  • Awareness is a journey (7:35)

  • When we synchronize our energy and embody our energy from the inside, we are reminded to be present in the moment (8:05)

  • What are the ways you can cultivate attunement? (8:35)

  • Connect to your inner vibration to find your inner ripple (9:45)

  • Use your senses to cultivate attunement (10:50)

  • What will you choose to attune to each day? (11:35)

  • Consider how attunement meets manifestation (13:25)

  • Attunement is an invitation to allow what is within you and around you to emerge and expand (15:05)

Your Invitations for this Week

  • Try this guided visualization to practice cultivating attunement.

  • What will you choose to attune to?

  • Create your own attunement playlist.


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