Ep 2: Cultivate a Relationship with Your Inner Strength and Wisdom


In Episode 1, I shared that we carry with us a magical source of knowing – our inner strength and wisdom. Today, I begin to offer insights on how to cultivate a relationship with this inner guidance. Inner strength and wisdom don’t appear in our lives as neon signs. Although this knowing is accessible to each of us, there are practices that help us connect – or reconnect – to our essence. In this episode, you’ll be introduced to three practices: one of breath, one of mind, and one of body.

The question that many of us ask is: How do we get the faith to rely on inner guidance, not just when life is easy but also when life gets hard and stormy?

If there is one thing I believe for sure about life, it is that we have everything we need and crave already within us. While the help of a guide, a life coach, a teacher, or a great book can help put us on a path and help us get out of our own way, the true teacher already exists inside – if only we’d create the space to connect and listen.


Highlights for Cultivate a Relationship with Your Inner Strength and Wisdom

  • Connecting with inner guidance is a practice that requires effort and willingness (2:45)

  • Reconnecting to the wisdom inside you is like attuning to your energy with subtle tweaks and adjustments (4:40)

  • Move from project managing your life to being awake to what is happening inside you, including your feelings and emotions (5:35)

  • Asking the questions and allowing sensations to be there isn’t easy (5:45)

  • Practice #1: Use 3 breaths to get grounded in the present moment and in yourself, no matter where you are (7:45)

  • Practice #2: Notice and allow the emotions or thoughts that arise in you instead of pretending they don’t exist (9:25)

  • Practice #3: Observe and witness the benevolent messengers within your own body. What does your body want you to know? (10:50)

  • Try these three practices to cultivate a relationship with and to understand your inner wisdom (11:45)

  • Make the choice to be swept up in the storm or to connect to what you know is within you and most important (13:20)

Invitations for the Week

Use these three questions to be curious and begin a dialogue with your inner strength and wisdom:

  • What do you want me to know?

  • What wants to emerge?

  • What energy do I need today?

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