Ep 22: Create Space With Your Breath

Create Space with your Breath | Sunrise in Your Pocket podcast

Have you ever been told to just breathe? Our breath is a tool that we carry with us, everywhere we go. But the truth is that most of us ignore our breath, or only use it to diffuse feelings or situations. In this week’s episode, I am am sharing why creating space with your breath is a daily practice that can help you cultivate awareness and awakeness in your body, mind, and life. And I’ll give you a hint: this simple practice is like liquid gold.

Highlights for Create Space with Your Breath

  • A consistent (and daily) breath practice is like liquid gold (3:00)

  • Many people only use breath to diffuse (4:00)

  • You don’t need a fancy practice (7:20)

  • Use your breath to fill up your inner reservoir (9:00)

  • At the end of the day, breath is a practice to cultivate awareness (10:00)

  • The moment you think you don’t have time for the practice is actually when you need it the most (10:45)

Try this at home

Breathe. It doesn’t have to be fancy or take a long time. Start by taking an inhale. Draw the breath in through your nose – allow it to create expansion and witness the exhale as it moves through you.

How can you create space for a breath practice? What might you let emerge?

What awareness might you cultivate just by tuning in to your inhale and your exhale?


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