Ep 23: Create Space for YOU

Create Space for You Ep 23 | Sunrise in Your Pocket podcast

We have a choice every single day to consider what we want to create space for in our lives. But what if creating space is less about what we want to create space for and more about the practice of allowing. In this week’s episode, I am exploring what it means to create space for you, why it matters, and how it is less about the stuff in our lives, and more about creating a deeper sense of connection – to yourself.

Highlights for Create Space for YOU

  • What do you create space for? (1:30)

  • Tune in to yourself (3:00)

  • Clear out the noise and gunk (4:00)

  • There is a difference between clearing out and wiping the slate clean (5:00)

  • What do you choose to lead with? (8:00)

  • Use this practice to consider what you can create space for (8:30)

  • Create space for what matters

  • The difference between pressure and commitment (10:30)

  • Try this breath practice to create space (12:20)

Try this at home

Ask yourself this question as part of a journal, morning practice, or even before you go on a walk: What do I need to know today? Allow the answers to come to you.

Use your breath to create space: Find stillness in your body and tune in to your breath. On your inhale, fill up with nourishment, kindness, and expansion in your body. On the exhale, release out judgment.

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