Ep 37: Connect More

Ep 37 sunrise in your pocket podcast connect more

Life is precious. Everything changes. Nothing is permanent. We hear these things all the time. But we don’t always pay attention. When was the last time you woke up in the morning thinking about someone? Did you reach out? In this week’s episode, I am honoring the passing of a friend, mentor, and teacher with a reminder to inspire each of us to connect more and to be more present with the people, places, and things in our lives.

Highlights for Connect More

  • Life is too precious not to take action on the the things your heart is asking for (5:00)

  • Ask yourself these questions to explore where you can connect more with what matters (7:00)

Try this at Home

Reach out to someone that has left a mark on your life. Let them know how they’ve impacted you. I’d love to hear the stories about the people, places, or moments that have created ripples in your life. Share them here as a comment, or send me an email at findflight at gmail.com.

Is there something that your heart has been aching to do, but you’ve been putting it on hold? Consider honoring that nudge and taking action today.

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