Ep 28: Choose Ease over Force

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Find ease. Maybe you’ve heard this before? Maybe you’ve wondered what it really means  or looks like? Most of us are used to living in force mode: willing things to happen, or doing every single thing you can to achieve a specific outcome, no matter what. In this week’s episode, I am sharing a story that illustrates the difference between when you choose ease over force. You’ll want to listen to this episode if you have been struggling with a project or task and not making any progress.

Highlights for Choose Ease Over Force

  • Force appears when we are in scarcity or not enough mode (3:40)

  • The more we force, the more frustrated we become (8:00)

  • What if we can create ease even in uncertainty (10:00)

  • Try this mantra when you realize you are trying to force a situation (10:30)

  • Experiment with flipping the switch to more ease (11:15)

  • We have the opportunity to ask this question every single day to choose between force and ease (13:00)

  • The relationship between certainty and ease (13:30)

  • Try this instead of fixating on a specific outcome (15:00)

  • Where in your life are you trying to make something happen? (16:00)

  • Ease doesn’t mean waiting for the universe to deliver what you want on a silver platter (17:00)

Try this at home:

Ask yourself these questions to reflect on how force and ease show up in your life.

Where in your life are you trying to make something happen?

Where are you doing something out of scarcity or not enoughness?

What would it look like for you to be certain that whatever it is you are trying to create, will emerge as it is supposed to?

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