Ep 29: Be More, Do Less

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We are really good at doing. Doing our work. Doing things for others. It makes sense. Doing is easy, there are often instructions and steps to do something. But sometimes even the best intended doing, can become rote and mechanic. Being and becoming on the other hand, are challenging because they ask us to FEEL, and can look different on any given day. In this week’s episode I am exploring the idea of embodiment and the practice of BEING as a way to express and nurture our truest self.

Highlights for Be More, Do Less

  • Most of us are skilled doers (2:00)

  • Consider the idea that some habits lose their purpose (4:00)

  • Being enables you to focus on what is important rather than the clutter (5:30)

  • Becoming is mysterious (6:30)

  • Embodiment is not about perfection. It is a daily practice. (7:45)

  • Being doesn’t exclude doing. When you embody first, the doing becomes a conduit for being. (10:30)

  • Try this approach to “be” even when you have a to-do list (13:00)

  • Ask yourself these questions to practice being more and doing less (14:00)

  • How to practice embodiment in any given moment (16:30)

Try this at home:

Practice being today! Consider these questions:

What do you want to BE or create in your life? Why?

What would it look like to BE that thing? What would it feel like?

What might emerge?

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