Ep 42: Be Breathless

Ep 42 sunrise in your pocket podcast be breathless

When was the last time you were breathless? In this week’s episode, Elena is sharing why you might want to give yourself permission or even cultivate moments to be breathless. What if we could see being breathless as an opportunity to notice strength instead of as a sign of weakness? This episode is for you if you’ve told yourself stories about being “not enough” or that you “should be stronger” when things are challenging.

Highlights for Be Breathless

Will you give yourself permission to be breathless? —Emma Lovewell

  • Life isn’t always about a grounding or centering breath. (4:00)

  • Do you give yourself permission to be short of breath? (6:00)

  • What if moments of figurative or literal breathlessness were opportunities to be stronger than we think? (9:00)

  • You have the ability to create ease even during a challenge. (10:00)

Try this at Home

Where can you give yourself permission to be breathless?

What would that look like?

What would it take or what would you need?

What might emerge if you give yourself this permission?

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