Ep 39: Are You Awake?

Ep 39 sunrise in your pocket podcast are you awake

In all the busyness of our lives, many of us go through our on autopilot. Autopilot may be boring, but it is sometimes easier than feeling. And yet, what if we could cultivate awakeness? In this week’s episode, I am asking the question: are you awake as a way to remind us that each day is an opportunity to live fully, with eyes and heart wide open. This is the perfect episode for anyone who wants to be more present in their life and in their heart.

Highlights for Are You Awake?

  • Sunrise marks the opportunity to be awake in our lives each day (3:30)

  • Live with your eyes, heart, and feelings wide open  (4:45)

  • Awakeness is about letting the experience unfold  (6:30)

  • Consider this practice to connect to your senses and to yourself (8:20)

  • Awakeness gives us a foundation for discernment (10:30)

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