Ep 11: Are You a Catastrophizer?


Do you assume worst-case scenarios? Or see things fall flat before they’ve even had a chance to take off? To be a catastrophizer is a natural tendency for many of us. This week, I’m exploring what it means to be a catastrophizer and how navigating this type of worst-case future thinking can actually help us connect with our inner strength and wisdom.

Highlights for Are You a Catastrophizer?

  • What is a catastrophizer? (3:35)

  • You might be a catastrophizer if… (4:15)

  • What happens when you notice you are falling into catastrophizing (9:55)

  • Try these five steps to untangle yourself from a catastrophizing spiral (10:15)

  • It is when we fight against or resist what is showing up that we trigger catastrophizing (14:25)

  • Your tendency to catastrophize might not be something you can undo, but it can offer a window to getting to know yourself and your triggers (18:20)

Your Invitations for This Week

  • Give yourself the gift of catching yourself rather than judging your catastrophizing.

  • Observe and reflect on where you are present and where catastrophizing shows up for you.

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