Elena’s signature topics include:

  • Embody the Sunrise in Your Pocket

  • Stop surviving. Start Living.

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Elena Sonnino is a life coach and motivational speaker. She is also a cancer survivor, former marathon runner, wanna-be surfer, and yogini. Her talks inspire audiences to step into the spotlight of their life by living fully in the present.

Elena's work is an invitation to unearth and attune to inner strength and wisdom. She inspires individuals and groups to remove self-imposed obstacles and explore the unexpected with more curiosity, more willingness, and less judgment.


My Values and Beliefs

  • Everything you need and desire is already inside you.

  • Explore life in the NOW with more curiosity, more willingness – as if you have nothing to lose. Because guess what? The only thing you have to lose is not trying.

  • Stop waiting for the future. Unearth, attune to, and embody your wildest dreams right NOW.

Elena as a Speaker

Elena has a radiant energy that sends out ripples of empowerment, mindfulness, and positivity into audiences. She inspires individuals and groups to remove self-imposed obstacles and explore the unexpected.

Her energetic nurturing inspires individual clients, corporate groups, retreat goers, and community groups to unearth and attune to inner strength and wisdom. Elena blends her personal experiences as a cancer survivor and a teacher leader with empowerment and mindset practices to create personalized experiences for clients and groups.H

Highlighted topics include: Stop surviving, start living, Step into the spotlight of your life,  Be your own superhero

Her motivational events are geared toward employee wellness, lunch and learn events, and keynote addresses.

What People are Saying about Elena

Elena’s use of personal experiences makes her sessions relatable to everyone and foster deep personal awareness. Her approach is dynamic and honest. The tools that she encourages each of us to implement are quite simple, yet so impactful.” —Ann McIntyre, Director of Operations, United Wellness & Sports Rehab

”Elena did an outstanding job speaking to our employees about the importance of trusting their own inner guidance so that actions, both professionally and personally, align with their purpose. Her energy was contagious as she walked us through the 5 steps of creating the life we truly desire. Everyone was lifted by Elena’s message.
— Lisa Slevin, Human Resources Manager AECOM
Elena Sonnino

Elena Sonnino

Previous Speaking Experience

  • Global Wellness Day, Four Seasons Hotel Washington DC

  • AECOM International Women's Day, keynote speaker

  • GLOW festival, Shenandoah County, keynote speaker

  • BlogHer conference

  • Mom 2.0 Summit

  • United Wellness & Sports Rehab

  • Listen To Your Mother

  • Athleta community groups

  • Lululemon team intention setting

  • Al-Jazeera America, The Stream television appearance

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