A mind/body retreat to create space to bloom in your own life.

What would it look like to let yourself bloom?

To believe that you are ready, right now – to create space for your inner garden to bloom? For you to show up in your own life, confident and empowered and able to withstand whatever life throws at you.

Join us for a full day, created just for you – in your own backyard!  

Maybe you started the year strong. You had goals. Intentions. A vision.

And then life happened. As it always does. Many of us are experts at hitting the pause button on what our hearts want.

The Let Yourself Bloom retreat is for you if you have been craving “me time”
but always come up with a reason that “this isn’t the right time.”

Saturday, May 11th, The Lodge at Willowsford, Aldie, VA

9:00 am-4:30 pm

*This event is only for Willowsford residents and their guests. If you are interested in Elena leading a similar retreat for you and a group of your friends or neighbors – please reach out via email at findflight@elenasonnino.com

Join Elena Sonnino for This Full-Day Retreat

A mind/body retreat to recharge and bloom in your own life.

Clear out the cobwebs and clutter that are keeping you stuck so that you can let your intuition and heart bloom. Now imagine supercharging that process with yoga, guided visualizations, transformational conversations, and a deepened relationship with yourself and the group.

This day-long retreat will help you cultivate everything you need to let yourself BLOOM – with clarity, self-compassion, mindfulness, and curiosity.

This full-day retreat invites you to spend a day tending to your inner garden, to create space for YOU to bloom and grow.

  • Break free of old patterns and conditions that are growing like weeds

  • Cultivate a growth mindset

  • Explore practices to help you plant daily seeds of intention

  • Attune to clarity, strength, and curiosity

  • Get rooted in what is most important in your life

  • Attune to the messages of your heart

  • Develop your personal roadmap for blooming in your own life

You’ll leave the day rooted in what is most important, and guided by your heart rather than your thoughts.

Here’s a Peek Into the Retreat...


9:00 Opening introductions/set the tone

9:30 Flow and Restore yoga practice
Connect to your breath and your body with this vinyasa flow meets restorative practice to cultivate less doing and more awareness. 

10:45 What needs weeding and pruning in your life and your habits?
Group coaching session

12:00 Lunch

12:45  Personal Reflection Time: Reflect and integrate the morning with time to tend to your own thoughts and heart. Participants can walk outside, go to the gym, color, journal, or simply BE.

1:30 Embodiment yin yoga practice
Find what wants to bloom by becoming aware and connected to your inner self, in your body and your heart.

2:15 Tend and Bloom
Group coaching session
What wants to grown in your inner garden? In your life? Plant seeds of intention and create a plan to embody and nurture your intentions.

4:00 Closing circle/meditation/share
Final guided visualization, group sharing, concrete ways to into daily life

*Weather Permitting: Yoga practices and some group sessions will be held outside overlooking the lake


Cost: $160 per person**

What is Included: 2 yoga sessions, guided visualization, group coaching by Elena Sonnino, materials , snacks, and a take-home journal for each participant.

What to Bring

A yoga mat, water bottle, and yourself!

What people are saying about Elena’s retreats

I loved the guided visualization at the end of the yin practice. I believe during the practice I was able to relax and release enough to be open for what presented herself in the visualization. I was in awe of the details and feeling that was created in that time and space.
— Holly E.
I didn’t know how much I needed to take this time for myself until I was at the retreat and even more so until I was back home. I realized that I need to make time for myself every day even if it’s just 5 minutes a day.
— Leigh
“Elena creates a beautiful space to recharge and reflect.”
— Emily B.
elena sonnino at rancho la puerta.jpg

About Elena

Elena Sonnino is a sought-after guide for getting out of your own way and living fully in the now.

Her work as a life coach, yoga teacher, and speaker is an invitation to unearth, attune to, and embody the inner strength and wisdom that each of carries with us everywhere we go.

She inspires individuals and groups to remove self-imposed obstacles, find steadiness in the now, and say yes to their wild, audacious dreams.