What would it be like to start truly showing up for yourself and what truly matters to you?

To own your power? To step into your inner voice, guided by your truest self?  

Join us for a full-day, transformative mind, body, and soul retreat to thrive boldly and powerfully in your life, guided and powered by your inner truth.


Perhaps you find yourself always seeking answers and solutions for living your best life – and yet, you can’t seem to make YOU a priority?

This day is for goal-driven women who are tired of being driven by the fast pace of their lives.

You know that your inner voice matters.
But perhaps you don’t trust it. Or make room for it.

It is time to change that.

To hear your inner voice. To value it. To embody it.

Are you ready?

Saturday, October 19th,

Project Horse Empowerment Center

Purcellville, Virginia

9:00 am - 5:00 pm


Join Elena Sonnino and the Project Horse Empowerment Center team for this
full day retreat

This retreat is for you if you are ready to:

  • Break free of old stories, patterns, and obstacles that keep you from stepping into your voice, strength, and power.

  • Make room for a new narrative, supercharged by your own inner power. 

  • Connect to yourself with love and curiosity.

Wait? Horses? Are we riding horses? What do horses have to do with anything?

We will not be riding horses during the retreat. Horses are intuitive beings and amazing guides. There is no hiding from a horse’s intuition, which is why this day will be so powerful.

Take a listen to this podcast episode about one recent experience working with Project Horse.

From the Project Horse website: “The calming presence of horses, coupled with their keen ability to sense and respond to human emotion and intention, provides an ideal environment for self-discovery, healing and personal growth.”

Here’s a Peek Into the Retreat...


9:00 Opening introductions/set the tone, set intentions

9:30 Yin Yoga practice and breathwork
Yin is a practice that invites us to explore and reveal that which is hidden. It is an opportunity to notice that what is practiced is also reflected. It is a practice that focuses on and highlights self-compassion instead of self-improvement. To unearth the inner strength and wisdom that lives inside you.

10:45 Group Coaching, (morning snack available)
What old stories need to be released?

11:30 Equine activity: Walking meditation with our four-legged teachers, debrief, and reflection

12:30 Lunch by the incredible Chef Natalie Ortiz, of Aurora’s Family Table, currently in the role of Fresh Chef, with Fauquier County Schools

1:00 Group Coaching: What is your truth? What does your inner voice want you to know?

1:45 Equine Activity: Time in the Round Pen to continue to peel back the layers and embody your inner truth and voice.

4:00 Group Coaching/Guided visualization/Reflection: What truth and voice are you ready to step into?

You’ll leave feeling grounded, empowered, and connected to your whole self – with vulnerability and inner strength.



Cost: $385 per person

What is Included: yin yoga, guided visualization, group coaching by Elena Sonnino, equine facilitation and experiences by the Project Horse Empowerment Center team, snacks, lunch, and a take-home journal for each participant.

What to Bring:

A yoga mat, water bottle, and yourself!

About Project Horse:

Project Horse Empowerment Center focuses on mental health, wellness and personal growth through a variety of innovative equine-assisted activities.  Our non-riding approach puts participants and horses on equal footing – where horse and human must work in partnership – creating a very powerful and effective teaching and learning environment.  Participants can comfortably examine thought and behavior patterns, explore fresh ideas, and develop new skills. The lessons that participants gain are designed to be applied to life “outside the paddock”.

Project Horse’s innovative programs offer a wide variety of ground-based experiential activities with the horses, encouraging individuals to engage in their own personal growth process.  Led by an experienced team of facilitators, our programs offer powerful growth and learning opportunities in an environment that is safe, supportive and tranquil.  Participants are encouraged to challenge themselves to go outside of their comfort zone, where true learning and change can happen.  Physical and emotional safety is always the top priority, for both participants and horses.
Learn more about Project Horse Empowerment Center here.

Meet some of the Project Horse team

Darcy Project Horse.jpg



Darcy grew up riding and competing horses, then left for other pursuits as a young adult. Darcy holds an MBA in International Business and has worked for large multinationals like Michelin Tire Corporation and Colgate-Palmolive. She has also worked as a marketing and development consultant in both for-profit and nonprofit sectors.

During a period of professional soul-searching, Darcy returned to her passion for horses. It was at this time that Darcy came across the horse, now known as Reeses, who could no longer be ridden due to an untreated injury and found her in desperate need of care. Rescuing and rehabilitating Reeses strengthened Darcy's long-time belief that horses are powerful healers, and together Reeses and Darcy founded Project Horse in 2008.

Cris Project Horse.png


Cris Lindsay, an entrepreneur and business owner in the hair salon industry since 1988, has trained with industry leaders and been a teacher, mentor and facilitator to many young professionals over the years. In 2005, Cris became a Professional Life Coach through the internationally known Coaches Training Institute.

Several years ago, combining her passion for helping others with her love for horses, Cris was drawn to a new field called “Equine Guided Education”. Cris completed training and certification with Ariana Strozzi, a global pioneer in the emerging field. Cris also became certified as an Equine Specialist through EAGALA.