It is time to move out of survival mode.

It is time to FULLY embody
the Sunrise in Your Pocket.


You know there is a wild-audacious goal that wants to be spoken.

You know you have inner strength and wisdom.

But perhaps you don’t trust it.

It is time to change that.

It is time to cultivate the sunrise in your pocket mindset.

To fully EMBODY the YOU that wants to emerge – in your body, in your mind, and in your heart.

Saturday, March 23rd, Rowan Tree, Herndon, Virginia

9:00 am -12:00 pm


Join Elena Sonnino for this
1/2-Day Workshop

What would it look like to be unapologetically YOU? What wild-audacious goal would you give yourself permission to speak out into the world?

This 1/2-day workshop is for you if you are ready to:

  • Break free of old patterns and conditions that are keeping you stuck in survival mode.

  • Cultivate the sunrise in your pocket mindset, guided by clarity, vulnerability, and curiosity.

  • Fill up your own inner gas tank each day, guided by your heart instead of your thoughts.

Here’s a Peek Into the Workshop...


9:00 Opening introductions/set the tone, Breathwork

9:30 Yin Yoga practice
Yin is a practice that invites us to explore and reveal that which is hidden. It is an opportunity to notice that what is practiced is also reflected. It is a practice that focuses on and highlights self-compassion instead of self-improvement. To unearth the inner strength and wisdom that lives inside you.

10:45 Guided visualization & Coaching, (morning snack available)
You’ll consider what it is that would feel truly delicious to your heart and create a roadmap to fully embody that intention in your life.

11:30 Closing circle/group sharing, concrete ways to integrate the new vision into daily life



Cost: $50 per person

What is Included: yin yoga, guided visualization, group coaching by Elena Sonnino, snacks, water, and a take-home journal for each participant.

What to Bring

A yoga mat and yourself!