The Day My Haircut Caught up with My Life

I couldn’t help but smile. “Oh my goodness.” I thought to myself. THIS is what I’d been envisioning for months. Snips of blond highlights lay on the floor underneath me as I stared at the woman in the mirror. There she was. There I was. It had happened. “Pixie-me.” I’d said to my hairdresser. “I want to go big. And bold. Very bold.” I quickly revealed a Pinterest board with photos of multiple short, pixie-like hairstyles (oddly enough including a picture of myself several years ago). But I don’t think I’d realized the impact of this particular cut and color appointment until later in the day when my brother texted me.

“What made you decide to get that cut?” he asked.

“I just wanted to…” was my first reaction. But I stopped myself from typing on my phone. What I wrote instead went like this “It was time for me to look like I feel on the inside...if that makes sense.”

And then it hit me. It did make sense.

Haircuts and life changes are a thing. Coco Channel said, "A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life." And it is true. Life coaches know that transformation is happening with clients when they change their hairstyles or wardrobe. Like shedding a coat, these outward physical updates are symbolic of the deeper metamorphosis on the inside.

Bold, light, flexible, spontaneous, sassy, vulnerable, exposed, confident. I was finally ready for my outside self to match my inside self.

Truth be told, I’ve been trying to make this hairstyle change for the last 10 months. I’d arrive at my appointments with photos and thoughts, but the end result never really felt exactly right. I’d actually been frustrated – to the point that I questioned my loyalty to my longtime hairdresser. And at myself – why couldn't I communicate the change that I wanted more clearly?

But as I sat there, looking at MYSELF in the mirror – I knew this day had been different. I’d felt the energy as I sat there, my hair wrapped in foils. I was already smiling on the inside. And with every snip of the scissors, I knew that the blonde pixie version of me starting back at me was the ME that I’d been waiting for. The real ME. My outside finally reflected the ME on the inside.

Honestly, that ME had been there for a while now. But I hadn’t been ready. As many turtle steps as I’ve taken over the last year, I’d been trying to force transformation on a predetermined timeline. Despite my intentions, I’d been focused on “what’s next.”

But on this day, all the intention setting, awareness, and meditation clicked. The words that I’d whispered and written so many times flooded back. “I am open to receive. I accept the now. I am exactly where I need to be.”

The transformation had already happened inside me. I’d seen glimpses here and there but I hadn’t been quite ready to believe in this version of myself. But as I looked at my reflection, there I was.

My haircut caught up with my life.

I wasn't about to change my life. My life had already changed.

The difference was that I was finally ready to trust the intuition that I’d worked so hard to cultivate. To open up even when it is harder than I’d expected. To be exposed and vulnerable. To practice determination without expectation. To allow the universe to do its thing.

A tingly feeling pulsed through my veins.

“Hello ME. It is nice to see you.”