How to Use Gravity to Cultivate Your Intention


Gravity pulls us down, right? Well, yes. Kind of. But it does more than that. In my lay-science speak, I’ve always thought about gravity in terms of pulling us down (thank you sci-fi movies and anti-gravity chambers that feature people floating around). But gravity does more than pull you down after you jump into the air.

Gravity pulls objects towards one another. Sir Isaac Newton defined gravity as a force that attracts objects to other objects. Ok, lovely. I've got an added spin. What if you could use gravity as a personal tool in your daily life?

What if you could use gravity to cultivate your intention and get closer to the self you've always wanted to be with ease and acceptance instead of judgment and resistance?

I didn’t come to this question entirely on my own. I was in a yin yoga class recently where the instructor invited us to allow gravity to pull us toward our Bhāvanā - or that which we wished to cultivate. I had one of those “oh my goodness! This is the missing piece!” moments. (In case you were wondering, these moments are one of the reasons I love my yoga practice so much as a teacher of all things.)

Think about it. How much time do many of us spend all day resisting? Resisting our thoughts. Resisting our fears. Resisting the sensations in our body?

Resistance takes on many forms. How often do you feel like you are swimming up a stream of “shoulds”? Or maybe, if you are like me, resistance comes from a stubborn sense of commitment to a perception?

What if you let go of the resistance? What if you decided to focus your mind, heart, and body on the feeling that you wish you to cultivate? And then spent your day nourishing or getting closer to that intention or Bhāvanā with the help of gravity. What if you allowed yourself to be rooted in the present moment by gravity and gave yourself permission to be pulled towards the center of all that you crave?

Gravitational pull as a tool

What would it look like to use gravitational pull not just to cultivate your intention but as a tool for going beyond the boundaries of your perceptions?

People have been studying and practicing the Law of Attraction for a while. And while I believe in the power of manifestation and the magical congruence of the universe when things are aligned, I wonder if the power of gravitational pull comes when you "do without doing."

Maybe it is just a difference in semantics. But in my mind, using gravity as a tool to go beyond requires awareness and acceptance of not just the moment but also all the feelings and sensations without ANY attachment to the outcomes.

Imagine what would happen if you could be so clear on the WHY of your intentions and that which you want to cultivate – and simply allow gravity to pull you towards your center. That sounds like the ultimate form of surrender.

I know I’m about to mix my scientific and gardening metaphors, but stick with me for a moment.

Think about it. We plant seeds in a garden and then we water them. Maybe we fertilize the soil. But then we wait. We allow the universe to do it’s thing, hoping that the combination of light, temperature, and water are just right to help the seeds germinate and then sprout. For better or worse, some seeds will grow and thrive and others will not.

What if you could do the same thing for yourself?

Plant seeds for everything that you want to cultivate. Personal seeds. Professional seeds. Wellness seeds. Relationship seeds. New job seeds. Wildly improbable seeds. And then, allow gravity to pull you towards a deeper understanding of yourself as your nourish the seeds. Get yourself out there. Say yes more than you say no to things that feel delicious even if they are scary. Show up as your best self and be clear on how you want to feel when you go to bed, not because of outside expectations and “shoulds” – but because it feels RIGHT.

That is where the magic lives. In that place where you let the gravitational pull open you up to possibilities that you hadn’t even considered or allowed yourself to envision. To trust that you are exactly where you need to be without resistance.

Maybe you can even allow zero-gravity to be a tool?

Try this simple exercise to see how to use gravity to cultivate your intention. (Hint: Read through this first and then try it.) Lie or sit down and close your eyes. Take a few breaths. Notice your inhale and your exhale for a few rounds of breath.

Start to allow yourself to notice all the thoughts that float into your head. The to-do’s, the judgments. Whatever wants to pop up, let it.

And then let each thought float by, one by one, as if they are in a zero-gravity chamber with a portal where all the thoughts go. Don’t worry, more thoughts will show up eventually – but for now, give yourself time to create space in your mind and body and know that zero-gravity will be there for your thoughts as you notice them.

Next, think about what feeling state you want to cultivate today. Maybe it is how you want to feel when you go to sleep tonight. Maybe it is how you want to feel right now. Notice, I did not say "what do you want to accomplish." This is an important distinction. Bring to life that feeling state that will fill you up and represent the deepest cravings in your heart. Can you give yourself permission to say it out loud? Even more importantly, can you visualize yourself planting a seed – one small action – that will bring you closer to that intention?

Lastly, notice the sensations in your body when you are clear on what you want to cultivate. Take a few moments to stay where you are and allow gravity to pull you deeper towards yourself and your intention without any expectation of outcomes. Know that you can come back to these sensations at any time. Make a promise to yourself to check in with your intention and gravity throughout the day. Without judgment, simply ask yourself "Am I letting gravity pull me closer or am I getting in my own way?"