Build Your Own Foundation


“A proper foundation does more than just hold a house above ground. It also keeps out moisture, insulates against the cold, and resists movement of the earth around it. Oh, and one more thing: It should last forever.” --Max Alexander When we think of building the foundation of a home, we think about concrete, perhaps steel, or even a slab. There are layers on top of layers. There are processes and reinforcements to build on. Elements to consider. Wait time for things to settle.

Building a proper foundation requires the right tools, structure, patience, and a bit of trust.

Build your own foundation

As the trucks arrive with their equipment to pour the concrete foundation on our new home, I’ve been thinking a lot about the figurative ingredients that I’d like to infuse into the process to build my own foundation.  

Love as an expression of trust and vulnerability. Unconditional love that fosters self-sufficiency but also interdependence.

Joy, wild dreams, and willingness. Because joy is a daily choice and cultivating our wildest dreams with willingness is what keeps us open to receiving the gifts of abundance and life.  

Awakeness in the present moment. While our past can inform and help us understand who we are, being fully alive in the moment is how we experience the day-to-day.

Compassion. Because life happens and we are doing the very best we can in any given moment, There will be rainbows, but there will also be storms. Knowing that each moment “belongs” and showing up to nurture each other and ourselves is the key.

Connection. Together we are stronger. Together we understand. Together we grow.

What is your personal foundation made of?

And then comes your individual foundation. 

We've all heard the idea that you need to love and care for YOU first, before you can love or care for anyone else.  In the same way, I believe you need to build your own personal foundation before co-creating. For me, my unearthing and attuning to my individual core source of energy and power enables me to be more deeply rooted – while also giving back – like an exchange of energy between the physical and the energetic. And unlike a house, my foundation is a living, breathing thing with roots and layers.

My personal foundation is built with...

My core values (to nurture, to experience, to discern, to illuminate, and to be curious) are the root system of my foundation, running deep into the earth and through all of me.

My breath is the building block of my foundation. It grounds me in the now and helps me receive the energy from the roots.

My inner strength and wisdom are the mortar that makes up my foundation. My body and intuition always have everything I need – even if sometimes I have to get out of my own way long enough to notice.

There are other layers that are filled with joy, with gratitude, and with self-compassion. But without my core layers, these top layers erode when not nurtured.

What I know for sure is that my foundation is strong. But it requires tending. Sometimes my roots get tangled. Sometimes there is even a crack. But tangled roots or cracks don’t take away from the strength. They simply mean that I need to give myself reinforcements. Reminders to value what is here for me. Opportunities to establish new roots. Practices to strengthen what is already there.

This process is about awareness and tuning into the core elements that support you – or that you want to amplify in your life. You don’t have to be building a new house to consider what you want your metaphorical foundation to be made of. This is a practice that can help you align yourself especially if you are feeling stuck or scattered, or going through a big transition – to get grounded in what really matters to you so that can live even more fully in the moment.

Want to get creative? You could even visualize the components that make up your foundation – or go old school and make your own clay model to show the unique parts of your own foundation. (And hey, if you do decide to make a 3D model of your inner foundation – I'd love for you to take a photo and share it with me!)