7 Ways to Be Your Own Disruptor


Moments. Hours. Days. Weeks. We all have them. Those moments where we feel ourselves spinning. Into a story or a thought. Into doubt. Into insecurity. Into a feeling of “blah.” Perhaps even into an endless social media scroll-fest because we just can’t motivate ourselves. Maybe the moment is brought on by what feels like chaos. Maybe the catalyst is purely energetic. Whatever the trigger, it is easy to get stuck there. What if instead of getting stuck there you could notice how you were feeling and decide to disrupt the energy? To feel as if you could use the moment as an invitation to reconnect with yourself? To get re-attuned or re-aligned to the present moment?

What if you could be your own disruptor?

Now, I should tell you….or rather confess...that I’m a fabulous disruptor. Helping people get out of their own way is what I do and it is my wild audacious goal to become a go-to back pocket disruptor for those moments when you need a nudge to connect back to yourself (with the help of the podcast that I'll be launching in October!!). But for now, because having a go-to list of way to get out of your own way and reconnect to yourself is such an important tool...I’m sharing my favorite and go-to disruptors.

First off, what is a disruptor?

By definition, a disruptor is “a person or thing that prevents something, especially a system, process, or event, from continuing as usual or as expected.” It breaks apart or interrupts.

The purpose of having your own go-to disruptors is not to avoid feeling the hard stuff. It is not about avoiding uncomfortable moments. It is also not about cultivating a constant rainbow and unicorn feeling. Employing a disruptor is useful when you realize that you are getting in your own way with an overriding focus on the past or future. Or maybe rather than looking for possibilities, you are lining your path with self-imposed obstacles.

I get it. It happens to all of us. Just this week, I’ve caught myself spinning without any real reason. Blame Mercury in retrograde, the start of the school year with an 8th grader, or the fact that we are preparing our house to sell...my energy was quickly sinking into a Facebook scrolling quicksand that I knew I’d regret.

I often talk about the practice of focusing rather than fixing, and finding ease in moments of discomfort. But in these moments, there is often nothing to feel – because the spinning is moving so fast.

That is where the disruptors come in. Tuning into a disruptor gets you out of your own way, invites you to slow down, to breathe, and to connect with YOU and your inner strength and wisdom.

Because here is what I know for sure: Your inner strength and wisdom have EVERYTHING you need. But you can’t tune in to yourself if you are getting in your own way.

My 7 Go-To Disruptors

Here is the thing. The truth is that at the very core of this practice is the reality that we are own best disruptors. Because even realizing that you are moving too fast or getting in your own way, is knowledge that comes from within you.

But sometimes we need a nudge. A nudge that brings us back to ourselves. To what is important within us. To laughter, to love, to the reminder that we always have a choice. Perhaps not surprisingly, many of these are also my go-to-tools for getting aligned or attuned, or as Law of Attraction folks might say – finding my high-vibe energy. 

So what are my go-to disruptors?

Face the sun. Yes, the big round shape in the sky is at the top of my disruptor list. Going outside, or looking out a window, arms outstretched toward the sky, the sun has a way of warming my heart and reminding me to smile.

Get outside in nature. Similar to embracing the rays of the sun, getting outside to feel the life that exists in nature through, helps my breath slow down and come back into my body. The setting isn’t as important as the willingness to notice – whether you are near water, in a forest, in a park or in your yard. Tune in to the life that is alive around you with the animals and colors.

Breathe. Breathe More. Breathe longer. Breath is the ultimate disruptor. 3 breaths, 6 breaths, or a formal practice – it almost doesn’t matter. Just tune in to your natural inhale and exhale. Notice the breath as it comes in through your nostrils and feel it travel down your spine to your belly – or even into the ground below. On the exhale, experience the breath travel back up the spine past your heart and out the crown of your head.

Cultivate your Kundalini There are so many different types of yoga in the world. Kundalini yoga is a practice that I’d heard about but had no understanding of. In fact, I’d convinced myself it wasn’t really for me. Except that it kept showing up in recommendations from mentors and readings, and I finally went to a practice with a friend. While yin is still my favorite practice, my yin practice is more about unearthing than it is disrupting. Kundalini on the other hand, wakes up parts of my inner self that I never knew existed. I can almost guarantee an inner shift in awareness when I tune in to a Kundalini practice with Kia Miller on YogaGlo and it has become one of my go-to practices especially when I realize my energy needs a nudge.

Pick a song, any song. Ok maybe not any song. Remember the days of making mixed cassette tapes dedicated to different emotions (or relationships!)? Music has a transformational quality for me. Having a playlist or a song that you can turn on to remind you of how you want to feel is a powerful re-adjustor for the mind and heart. These days I use Spotify for creating playlists and have my own “Spotlight of my life” playlist that I play whenever I need to bust out of myself and sing out loud.

Mindset adjustment One of my ultimate disruptors is anything that helps me foster a mindset of possibility and abundance. On some days that looks like reading a favorite or inspirational book (or chapter), even if just for a few moments. On other days, it looks like listening to a favorite podcast. I like to tune in to LOA Recon by Jeannette Maw. Her short snippets and stories are instant re-aligners for my mindset.

Find gratitude. Ok, I get it. Maybe you are gratituded out. But gratitude is like magic – like duct tape for the heart. There is something about seeking out what is going right, or what you can notice and appreciate around you and within yourself that helps reset the internal noise in our mind. This can be a formal practice in a journal, or just something you allow yourself to notice as you look around the physical space you are in….but by inviting in gratitude, we re-wire the pathways that once felt like spinning stories.

My hunch is that whether you know it or not, you have a few of your own go-to disruptors. I'd love to hear what those are or your experience with borrowing any of my favorites!