De-clutter your mind and heart. Create space for what is important to your SOUL. 

 Clear away the boxes of accumulated judgments, old patterns, and STUFF that keeps you from living fully in the now.

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 Take this FREE 10-day challenge to:

  • Learn to notice your thoughts 

  • Create space for what matters to your SOUL

  • Cultivate curiosity 

  • Take small daily steps to align your actions to your heart

  • Pay attention to what is going RIGHT 

  • Make room for your WHY 

How will the challenge work?

Good question! 

We are in spring cleaning mode which means no excess clutter or effort. You can participate in the challenge all on your own, or with the support of me and the group!

You will receive daily emails with inspiration, invitations, and short activities to explore starting on March 20th.

There will be a very special incentive and giveaway for anyone who registers for the challenge via email that you don’t want to miss.

I'll be adding even more ideas and inspiration to the Live Your Sunrise group on Facebook. This will be a place for you to ask questions, to share your experiences, and to celebrate!


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