Start Living Fully in the Now

Life happens. Life is busy. Schedules can feel overwhelming.

How can you possibly create space for YOU in your life, much less your dreams, when you are doing everything you can just to keep up and manage everything and everyone around you?

I’ve been there. Waiting for the conditions to be just right. Waiting to be my best self, in my best body.
I learned to release the obstacles that were preventing me from moving forward. To get out of my own way, have faith, and take the first step to create ripples of possibility in my life.

What if you could believe that your life doesn’t need to be fixed? The timing doesn’t need to be perfect?

What if you could BELIEVE in the possibilities that are waiting for you without needing to SEE them first?

Change happens when you stop forcing. When you stop judging. When you tap into stillness. When you slow down. And when you celebrate being in the moment instead of striving for outcomes.

Learn how to overcome your self-imposed barriers.

Start saying YES to you and the wild, audacious dreams you didn’t even know you had. 

I believe that each of us has everything we need already within us. Sometimes all we need is a bit of guidance, a teacher to help us along the way.

I’m Elena – a life coach and speaker – and your guide on this adventure. My superpower is to help individuals and groups live fully in the now. I’m inviting you to take the first step in this journey. Together we’ll help you reconnect to your inner strength and wisdom so that you can step into the spotlight of your life right now, no more waiting. 


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The Truth About Self-Care

Ah, self-care. We hear all about why we NEED self-care, all the time. But for many people, time feels scarce, and the idea of finding time to care for yourSELF is low on the priority list – I get it. Which is why this week, I’m sharing my thoughts on the truth about self-care. Here is a hint: it is THAT important. You might be nodding your head but still wondering, “I get it … but how?” The trick, for me, is to see self-care less as a luxury and more as a part of our daily maintenance.

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Are You a Catastrophizer?

Do you assume worst-case scenarios? Or see things fall flat before they’ve even had a chance to take off? To be a catastrophizer is a natural tendency for many of us. This week, I’m exploring what it means to be a catastrophizer and how navigating this type of worst-case future thinking can actually help us connect with our inner strength and wisdom.

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The Truth About Gratitude

You’ve probably been hearing a lot about gratitude. ‘Tis the season. But in this week’s episode, I am sharing why gratitude is a key transformational practice for every day of the year. A mindset of gratitude is more than just a trendy thing to try; this mindset actually changes the wiring in our brain to counteract all the years of focusing on what is going wrong around us.

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