There is more to life than just surviving.

You are successful. Some friends even call you amazing. And yet.

Schedules need tending. To-do lists are long. You are always there for everyone and everything else in your life. But when it comes to tending to YOU, survival mode feels like the best we can do.

Here is what I know for sure: there is more to this life than just survival. Then just getting by.

There is living fully in the now even when “life happens” (maybe even especially when life happens).

There is allowing yourself to be lit up, and desire fantabulous dreams that make your heart smile and burst with excitement.

There is the opportunity to thrive. As you.

What if you could believe that your life doesn’t need to be fixed? The timing doesn’t need to be perfect?

What if you could BELIEVE in the possibilities that are waiting for you without needing to SEE them first?

I’ve been there. Waiting for the conditions to be just right. Waiting to be my best self, in my best body. Doing everything I could to just keep up and manage everything and everyone around me.

Change happens when you stop forcing. When you stop judging. When you tap into stillness. When you slow down. And when you celebrate being in the moment instead of striving for outcomes.

Learn how to overcome your self-imposed barriers.
Start saying YES to you and the wild, audacious dreams you didn’t even know you had. 

I believe that each of us has everything we need already within us.

Sometimes all we need is a bit of guidance, a teacher to help us along the way.

I’m Elena – a life coach and speaker – and your guide on this adventure. My superpower is to help individuals and groups thrive with more well-being, more purpose, and more curiosity in the now.  

I’m inviting you to take the first step in this journey. Together we’ll help you reconnect to your inner strength and wisdom so that you can live YOUR life, embodied fully in the now.


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Elena helped me open my heart to life and new experiences, and helped me learn to trust myself.
Elena gives you a nudge when you need it but never makes you feel ‘less than’ or that you’ve let anyone down. She helped me take risks and move outside my comfort zone. I feel stronger and able to take my life to a new level. She is a breath of fresh air and a gentle soul.
— Julie
Before working with Elena, I was only surviving day to today, not living the full life that I am meant to have. I had goals, but never felt fulfilled. Elena helped me bring awareness into my life. I left every session feeling fantastic and Elena’s unapologetic enthusiasm is exactly what I needed to start my day right, learning how to maintain mindfulness and intention. Coaching and working with Elena has been one of the most powerful and exciting experiences of my life.
— Holly

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