embrace the shine 6 week coaching program

What would the future be like if you could see yourself with more clarity, more love, and more acceptance?

Do you find yourself seeking acceptance and validation from outside sources?
It is difficult to give yourself the love and compassion you crave)?
Have you spent too much time tiptoeing around joy, never fully believing you are worthy?
Do you put off your dreams and projects telling yourself that “When ___ happens, then I’ll _____.”
Does it seem terrifying to look at yourself in the mirror and say “I love you. You are enough.”

What if you could?

Break free of needing external validation and give yourself your own gold star.

Get to know, see, and LOVE your WHOLE self.

Learn to tap into the NOW with vulnerability and clarity so that you can handle whatever life throws at you.

Clear away the fear that keeps you small and create space for what wants to BLOOM within you.

Find your inner flame. Cultivate it. Amplify it.

Live with more intention and less expectation so that you can find fulfillment no matter what the outcome may be.

Find support in a nurturing community that has your back. 

“Your guidance – whether it be through meditation and yoga or through coaching – is always full of love and brings the energy that I need. Your messages remind me of what is most important and what is just distracting. You are True North. Thank you.”


"Thank you so much for all of your help. It's hard for me to put into words how much your insight and guidance has helped me this year. I have spent a lot of years looking for help with answers to a lot of the questions that we discuss. Every session with you leaves me more at peace and clearer about my life each and every day. It grounds me, it guides me, and it inspires me to be the best person I can be. Personally, I have a lot of friends in psychology, I even have friends that are life coaches. My best friend is a life coach actually. Even with her love and involvement in my life for 15 years, I've never met anyone who understands where I'm at more than you do and who clearly sees and understands what I need. Thank you for doing this job. I don't know what you did before but you were definitely called to live this life. Currently, my only concern is I would run out of sessions. 🙂 I'm glad they can be purchased again."

A Message from Elena

Sweet friend,

When was the last time you smiled at yourself when you walked by a mirror? Said "I love you" to yourself? Told yourself (and believed) the words "I am enough in this moment?"

I get it and – you’re not alone. So many of us have what I’ve started referring to as “seeking gold stars in all the wrong places” syndrome. Maybe you realize that you only feel joy when you get positive feedback from others. Or maybe you feel the pressure to please others to feel accepted and loved. Or maybe you are stuck in a pattern of fear of not making everyone around you happy.

It is easy to move through our days, dreaming big and working towards goals that sound good in our mind and trying to please everyone around us. But I've got a secret for you. It isn't about the goal. Or the pat on the back from a colleague, or even a hug from a family member.

What really matters is how you treat yourself. Your own mindset. Your own ability to see your gold-star worthiness. 

But wait. Maybe you are telling yourself that you have to do x,y, and z first...before you can allow yourself to let yourself be THAT fulfilled.

Guess what? You don't have to wait. 

Everything that you crave, everything that you want – is inside you already. It is just waiting for you to clear away the clutter so that the important stuff cannot hide anymore. 

Maybe you are wondering – but I really don't believe the mantra "I am enough in this moment." I get that too.

This is where I tell you that I spent a lot of time over the last year talking to myself in front of the mirror. Yup. I started with what sounds simple – telling myself that I loved myself. The reality is that it is not at all simple when you've spent most of your life cringing when you looked at yourself, or never really feeling worthy. But over time, it got easier. And with each session in front of the mirror, I found more self-compassion, more clarity to see my whole self...and I found out that saying "I forgive you" to myself feels like a warm hug.

That is where See You. Be You. was born. Out of a desire to guide you to see yourself – all the parts – all the stories – all the dreams – all the sparkle – so clearly so that you can tap into your inner fire. Incredible things happen when we cultivate our superpower and become protective of our WHY.

This work is about pushing beyond the boundaries of our limitations. About seeing. About releasing. About choosing what we will amplify. About making more room for what we want to cultivate based on feeling states in our heart rather than arbitrary goals or new year's resolutions. 

I do not offer guarantees in my life coaching work, but I do offer my intention and my energy to create and hold space for you to deepen your connection to yourself....to the now...and to the love for yourself that comes from tuning in to your inner flame

I'm inviting you to join me – my hand outstretched, here to hold space for you. Will you allow yourself to take this step?

xo, Elena

See You. Be You. Overview:

> See You. Be You. is a 3-month group coaching program designed to help you see and be seen as you WHOLE self by noticing with self- compassion, practicing self-acceptance, clearing away what keeps you small, and creating space to bloom.

> The program integrates life coaching, yoga and meditation practices, and the power of connection to nurture and nourish the mind, body, and soul.

>The program runs from January 11th-April 16th, 2018.

> You can participate from anywhere in the world but we'll start as a group with a 3-night retreat on Kiawah Island, South Carolina from January 11-14 that will include daily yoga and meditation, play, group coaching sessions and many unexpected surprises!

> After the retreat, we'll meet every two weeks for a 75-minute group coaching video-conference workshop. Each session will include a mind-body practice to help you find deeper clarity.

> You'll receive 3 1:1 life coaching sessions (to be conducted virtually) will be scheduled monthly to support you as you uncover and connect to new layers to your whole self.

>You'll also receive weekly guided meditations or easy to follow yoga sequences, and daily inspiration and support through a private Facebook group.

> Each yoga sequence or meditation practice will be designed to enhance your understanding and foster a deeper connection to yourself. These practices will be accessible for all levels of experience.

> The group video conference sessions will take place on Monday evenings (7:30 pm ET) for 75 minutes.

See You. Be You. launches with a 3-night retreat!

We will gather in a beautiful vacation home on the natural wonder that is Kiawah Island, South Carolina from January 11-January 14th, 2018.

Why is a retreat a part of this group coaching program?

I’ll be honest with you. I knew that we needed to come together as a group the moment I first started to visualize this program.

It is one thing to let go of all the clutter in our minds and hearts and begin to see ourselves more clearly. But it is a whole other thing to let ourselves be seen by others.

So we will start our adventure as a group – to see ourselves and each other.

We’ll play in nature, with the ocean and marshes as our playground.  You’ll be pampered, with every detail thought of – so that you can focus on what matters. (Hint, that is you!)

We will prioritize heart-filling nourishment and play. We will work. We will laugh. We might cry. But we’ll create a bond that cultivates accountability and connections that will support our work over the coming months.

Images of our retreat location  by Michael Cyra ‐ kiawahislandphoto.com.

What do you get from See You. Be You?

When we’re done you’ll:

See and get to know your WHOLE self for the first time in a long time.

Give yourself love and forgiveness instead of guilt and judgment.

Break free of needing external validation and give yourself your own gold star.

Be your own lighthouse, guided by clarity and vulnerability so that you can handle whatever life throws at you.

Fill up your own inner gas tank each day, guided by your heart instead of your thoughts.

Show up for yourself and others with more intention and less expectation.

Be open to receive and amplify what wants to bloom within you, clearing away thoughts and fears that keep you small.



I’m not sure group coaching is right for me…

Let’s talk!

Schedule a complimentary 30-minute discovery call to explore what you are looking for and whether
See You. Be You. is the right fit for you!

This is for you if…

You are ready to see your reflection in the mirror (even if that feels scary as $#!@#@) so that you can honor your whole self.

You crave connection with yourself and others.

You are ready to stop pretending, and put on your superpower cape for once and for all.

You want to create space for the parts of you that have been hiding.

You are ready to plant bulbs of energy and intention in your life and drop your attachment to the outcomes.

You are READY and willing to be guided by your heart rather than your thoughts.

You crave nurturing and nourishment and are ready to give yourself permission to find what you crave within yourself.

You know that cultivating stillness is good for you, but you cannot quite get yourself to make it a consistent practice.

You are READY to release the “yes, but…” excuses and do the work to find clarity about your purpose.

What to expect:

First, we’ll meet on Kiawah Island for our 3-night retreat. Here, we’ll work to tap into what you already know and clear away what is keeping you small. We’ll play. We’ll celebrate. There may be crying. There will be laughter. Every detail will be thought of to pamper you.

The “ingredients” for our journey to see and be seen include de-cluttering, openness to vulnerability, finding clarity, gratitude (lots of gratitude), the power of pausing and doing less, play, alignment, intention, celebration, and intention.

After the retreat, you’ll  wake up on Sundays to a weekly email full of content to get you thinking about one of these ingredients and a yoga sequence or meditation to download to support you whenever you need it.

Every other Monday, the small group (of max 7 women) will meet on a video conference call for a 75-minute session that will combine coaching, yoga, breathwork, or meditation, interactive discussion, and journaling.

I’ll offer daily inspiration, prompts and nudges in our private Facebook group and be available by emails and for 1:1 sessions to support your journey.

Guarantees are like goals and outcomes, so I’ll invite you to drop any expectation of what the experience will be like. Consider this an opportunity to be open to receive and celebrate the unexpected. I can promise you that I will show up for you. I will create and hold space for you and your intentions. I’ll hold your hand when you need it and nudge you when it is appropriate.

I am very grateful to you Elena for this work. I truly did things I never even knew were possible and took the time to think about my life, instead of just getting through each day of my life. This is something a lot of people probably never do. I loved every session and looked forward to the follow-up homework assignments and extra activities each week.


Elena is a gifted facilitator who incorporated yoga, mindfulness techniques and coaching into this beautifully-conceived program. I was able to go inward to discover my guiding principles, get clear on the qualities I want each day to have, and work more on setting meaningful intentions.


Elena is an amazing coach and you can feel her passion in every lesson. Through the work, I got the opportunity to know myself better and to see where I am sabotaging myself. But I also learned to embrace my vulnerabilities and use them to turn toward courage and confidence. 


See You. Be You. runs from January 11th- April 16th, 2018 for just 7 women.

The program is more than just a program but is designed to help you see and be seen as you WHOLE self by noticing with self- compassion, practicing self-acceptance, clearing away what keeps you small, and creating space to bloom.

We'll integrate life coaching, yoga and meditation practices, and the power of connection to nurture and nourish the mind, body, and soul.

The in-person (mandatory) retreat is on Kiawah Island, South Carolina from January 11th-January 14th, 2018.

The group video conference sessions will take place on Monday evenings (7:30 ET) for 75 minutes.
Dates for these sessions are: 1/22, 2/5, 2/19, 3/5, 3/19, 4/2 and a special bonus final celebration on 4/16.

Weekly video conferences will be recorded.

You'll also receive weekly guided meditations or easy to follow yoga sequences, and daily inspiration and support through a private Facebook group.

Each yoga sequence or meditation practice will be designed to enhance your understanding and foster a deeper connection to yourself. These practices will be accessible for all levels of experience.

You will be asked to participate with an open mind and open heart.
You will be asked to share, to encourage, and to reflect.
I will nurture, guide, and ask questions to help you find your own answers.
I will be there when you have questions or want to celebrate the big or small moments.


The retreat:

  • Three-night luxury accommodations at a gorgeous private home located on Kiawah Island, South Carolina with amenities like a heated pool, hot tub, bathrobes, toiletries, and more – just a few steps from the beach
  • A group shuttle to and from Charleston Airport (One group shuttle will be available for travel to Kiawah Island from CHS airport on January 11th around 3 pm and a return trip will be available around 10:30 am on Sunday, June 14th.)
  • All-inclusive food & beverages (including wine at meals) prepared by a private chef and any special field trips on the island
  • Each participant will receive a Swag Bag valued over $100, a workbook and a journal
  • Yoga and meditation that focus on creating a deeper mind-body connection (yin and yang style yoga) with necessary props (bolsters, straps, and blocks)
  • A unique life coaching program by Elena Sonnino which includes group sessions during the retreat
  • Use of bicycles for exploring the island
  • Daily surprise field trips and activities to play and explore
  • Snacks throughout the weekend to help keep you fueled and nourished
  • Daily housekeeping

After the retreat:

  • 7 group coaching sessions via video-conference (75-minutes each) (scheduled every 2 weeks)
  • Weekly emails with guided meditation or yoga practices
  • Daily inspiration and support in a private Facebook group
  • 3 1:1 life coaching sessions (1/month) to support your progress
  • Bonus surprises along the way
  • Email support from Elena whenever you need it

Not included:

  • Airfare or transport to Charleston, South Carolina
  • Tips or gratuities for our personal chef or housekeeping staff
  • Single occupancy king master, private bath: $4600 (1 available)
  • Single occupancy, queen room, private bath: $4100 (1 available)
  • Single occupancy queen room, shared bath: $3850 (1 available)
  • Twin bed in a Double occupancy room, shared bath:  $3600 (4 available)

*Prices are per person

I'll pair individuals together to share the double occupancy rooms – or please feel free to put in a roommate request if you are participating with a friend.

You can view photos of the house and rooms HERE. Room requests will be made on a first come, first serve basis.

To reserve your spot: Make one payment of your balance in full, or pay a deposit of $1800 now and the balance on December 22nd, 2018.


Here is the deal. I know this is a big investment. So I'm asking you to commit. To yourself. Fully.

Which means there are no refunds. Gulp, I know.

Now, I know emergencies happen. Which is why I'd strongly encourage you to pay for travel insurance in the case of emergencies. Travel Guard, AAA, and your credit card are good places to start for travel insurance.


Dates: January 11th - April 16th, 2018

The group video conference sessions will take place on Monday evenings (7:30 ET) for 75 minutes. Dates for these sessions are: 1/22, 2/5, 2/19, 3/5, 3/19, 4/2 and a special bonus final celebration on 4/16.

Weekly video conferences will be recorded.

For the retreat:

January, 11th - January 14th, 2018 Kiawah Island, South Carolina

Check-in time: Please plan on arriving for the retreat at 4 pm on Thursday, January 11th.

One group shuttle will be available from Charleston International Airport around 3 pm.

Check out time is at 10:30 am on Sunday. A group shuttle will be available to Charleston International Airport.

How to get there:

Kiawah Island Golf Resort is approximately 33 miles from Charleston International Airport (CHS). You are welcome to fly into CHS and take the group shuttle or drive yourself directly to our private home. The address and more specific directions will be sent to you in a welcome packet.

What you'll need for the retreat:

This will be a casual weekend. Pack clothes for yoga and loungewear to wear around the house.Think fuzzy socks and slippers.

The ocean is likely to be a bit cold for swimming, but our pool is heated (and there is a hot tub).

Bring shoes for exploring and bike riding, and layers as we will outside throughout the day. A packing list will be provided as get closer.

We will be going out to dinner on one evening, but the attire will be resort casual.

Please bring your own yoga mat.

Toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, body wash) will be provided. Please bring any other personal products that you might need/want.

You will receive a journal as part of your swag bag.

Consider a camera, books, magazines – and anything you'd like to have around during free time to help you unplug.

Cell phones: You are welcome to bring your phone, but please be mindful of using it (as a phone) only in your room.

Can I participate in just the retreat? Or just the 3-month coaching without the retreat. 
So...no. This is a complete package that has been envisioned to start with the power of our group coming together. 

Can men participate?
Sorry. No. This is just for women this time. 

What happens if it rains during the retreat?
The good and bad news is that we cannot control the weather. We'll hope for sunny skies, but you never know. Certain activities can still be done in the rain. There are covered decks and indoor spaces for yoga, so we can practice in multiple places depending on the weather. We might even want to go play in the puddles.

What if I don't know anyone?
You will make new friends! Most of the retreats that I have gone on, I've gone "solo" with the intent to meet new people. I promise, no one will bite. 🙂 More importantly, the reason we are starting with a retreat is so that you can get to know the women that will be part of your See You. Be You. adventure.

What if I want to participate with a group of friends?
That works too! Feel free to share the program with anyone you know. If you would like to split the double occupancy room, please specify those roommate requests on your registration form.

What will the water temperature be like?
It isn't going to be hot. 🙂 On Kiawah Island, the month of January is characterized by essentially constant daily high temperatures, with daily highs around 60°F throughout the month, rarely exceeding 73°F or dropping below 47°F.

What type of food will be served?
Spa-like, healthy, organic and local food as much as possible. Please let us know if you have any dietary allergies or concerns on your registration form.

Is alcohol included?
Yes, wine will be included for dinners.
What about coffee? Yes, there will be coffee and herbal tea.

Can I get a refund if I need to cancel?
There isn’t one. I am a big believer in committing – and making a promise to yourself to show up and participate. Now, having said that – emergencies and life-threatening situations can happen. So please consider travel insurance if you are concerned about unforeseen emergencies.

What if I don't like see myself on video (for our group work beyond the retreat)?
I get it. But here is the deal: light sparks light. And I’m a big believer in creating community through shared experiences. And, seeing ourselves more clearly is the whole foundation of the program. My hope is that you'll share and participate during the group sessions. The recording will be there to watch so that you can remind yourself of things that were discussed or if you missed a session. Recordings are not to be shared with anyone outside the group for privacy reasons.

What is the size of the group?
The group maximum is 7 women to ensure an intimate experience where everyone can receive the support they need.

What if I am new to yoga or meditation?
No experience? No problem! Honestly, the yoga portions of the sessions and program will be accessible for all, regardless of levels. We will be using yoga to tune into a deeper part of our selves as opposed to practicing physical postures for mastery.

Kiawah Island, South Carolina offers us a beautiful natural landscape to play in mild temperatures even in the winter. This east coast destination is close to Charleston should you want to extend your stay to explore.

The resort is situated on ten miles of wide, immaculate, ocean beach on which one – or two – might walk or cycle for hours and hours without interruption. The beach is complemented by the island’s river, meandering lagoons, and pristine marshlands, and closes each sun-washed day safe beneath its own star-studded southern sky.

Participants will have access to the Sanctuary Hotel’s Fitness Center and bikes.

We'll spend as much time as possible outside during the weekend – on the water, near the water, and just looking at the water.

Why a group program?

First and foremost, the power of a group amplifies the depths of our learning and reflection. There is tremendous power in realizing you are not alone, even if you are facing different circumstances than someone else – and knowing that you’ve got support when you need it.

Group work cultivates the focus of See You. Be You. to help you see yourself with more clarity and allow yourself to be seen by others. Not only will the power of community help you to feel anchored and grounded, but it offers you new perspectives and hearts to lean on when things feel scary or challenging.

And…I don’t know about you, but there is something special that happens when a group of like-minded women comes together that raises the energy and empowers us to stand with more commitment to our intentions.

You may not make a new best friend, but I’ve got a hunch that you’ll meet exactly who you need to meet to help you find new clarity and more resolve to show up for yourself not just when it is easy, but also when it is hard.

Why coaching and yoga?

The short answer is: because it works.

The combination of coaching and yoga helps to integrate the body, mind, and soul. Every activity we will use comes from my own experience and learning and I can promise you that there is no better way to take a deep dive into yourself than combining these proven coaching tools with a mind-body-soul yoga focus.

The yoga and practices will be accessible for all levels – pulling from various traditions including guided meditations, breath work, visualization, hatha yoga and yin yoga – my favorite practice to “reveal that which is hidden.”

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