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Is This You Right Now?

>  Have you lost track of your PURPOSE?
>  Do you feel scattered all the time, running from one thing to the next?
>  Do you find yourself noticing a long list of what is going wrong each day?
>  Are a perpetual goal setter but rarely feel satisfied with the outcome?
>  Do you keep asking yourself “what is next”?
>  Do you dream of a life change or new adventure but feel like you don’t know where to start?

I can help.

I like to say that I help survivors of life find flight in the fight to reach their own summit.


But what does that even mean?


It means that I help energetic, exuberant, and radiant individuals just like you – who want to embrace their inner shine and live each day with more purpose.


My hunch is that you don’t feel all that energetic. Or exuberant. Or radiant.


But imagine for a moment…what if you believed you could harness all that energy that you currently spend on excuses and self-imposed barriers – to actually feel the way you want to feel? To be more present in your daily life. To make decisions and take action with intention rather than expectation.


Guess what? You can feel all these things.


I can help.

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What is the one thought that keeps from living the life you crave? We’ll start to create space around what is holding you back and explore what coaching can do to you embrace your shine and find flight in the fight.
You’ll get to know me, I’ll get to know you, you’ll leave with more clarity and at least one way to move forward – without any pressure.

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What is finding flight in the fight?


I learned to find flight in the fight when I’d set out to learn to to surf on a retreat. But something else even more powerful happened when I paddled through the water each day. I fell. A lot. Over and over again. But it was in those falls – or epic belly flops – that I found what I’d been looking for – radiance and sheer joy.


Finding flight in the fight symbolizes allowing yourself to fall, fail and stumble without judgment.


It represents the building blocks of the fight, the turtle steps toward progress and yes – the falling.


Finding flight happens when you celebrate determination without expectation.


Are you ready to flight in the fight?

Find Flight in the Fight Coaching

Coaching is not about me providing advice or solutions. Coaching is not a substitute for therapy. Coaching focuses on the now, on feelings and behaviors.

We’ll question, play with metaphors (maybe even a dream or two) and clear a path for you to take turtle steps to unleash your best self.

Embrace the Shine (and a few epic belly flops) package

Prepare to inhale intention and exhale judgment!

3-month 1:1 coaching package of 6 sessions for $600

Your Intention + YOU + ME

= Watch out World!

What you’ll get:

We’ll identify what is holding you back and tap into the messages your intuition wants you to know so that you can move forward with intention and gratitude to be MORE present and purposeful right now so that you can feel the way you want to feel and live the way you want to live.

You’ll learn:

  • Strategies to trust yourself and your intuition
  • How to uncover your why and set daily intentions to focus on determination rather than expectation
  • To be more present in the NOW of your life
  • Celebrate progress instead of judgment

You will gain clarity, direction, and trust in yourself so that you can embrace your inner shine.

I’ll ask you to be goofy at times, honest with what you crave, and will hold you accountable for showing up with integrity for yourself.

You’ll receive a wrap-up recap of each of our sessions and will be invited to reach out via email, message or phone during my office hours.

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Elena Sonnino Find Flight in the Fight Life Coaching

"Elena, I seriously can't thank you enough for such an amazing few months. You've been so supportive and engaging and have REALLY helped me to avoid falling into the funk of negative story telling. I can't wait to continue these practices you taught me as well as keep a journey of gratitude. Talking with you today, as always, has me so excited for the future."

Shannon Dell

Writer, The Strange and New

Working with Elena has been really beneficial for me. In just a short time, I was able to realize the ways in which I was limiting myself and learn tools that allow me to change these habits going forward. Elena is super patient, understanding and responsive. A big thank you – of all the things I’ve tried to help myself feel better, this has actually worked.

S.R. from Quebec

Elena Sonnino Find Flight in the Fight Life Coaching

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